It’s Time for Halloween, Scentsy-Style!

Thrills and chills, candy and costumes – what’s not to love about the spookiest night of the year? That’s right, it’s time for Halloween again, and this year Scentsy has knocked it out of the park with friendly, Halloween-themed warmers … Read More

A Scentsy Leaf Warmer Worth “Falling” For

Autumn is when Mother Nature fills her forests with a kaleidoscope of colors, painting the trees gorgeous shades of fiery red, warm orange and golden yellow. This natural show is so beautiful that “leaf watchers” even flock to certain states … Read More

Colorful Customization: Tricks & Treats Scentsy Warmer

Adult coloring books are more popular than ever, and for very good reasons: they’re fun, they help relieve stress, and there’s no “wrong” way to enjoy them! Scentsy takes this exciting hobby one step further by letting you customize the home … Read More

Scentsy Diffuser Sale: 10% Off & Get A Free 2nd Shade

For a very-limited time, Scentsy is offering a 10% off sale on their most popular items including the new Scentsy Aromatherapy Diffuser category of products. If you purchase a Scentsy Diffuser today, you’ll get $13 off and you’ll receive a … Read More

August 2016 Scentsy Scent & Warmer of the Month

For August 2016, Scentsy has introduced the Still Frame Scentsy Warmer which is picture perfect and is modeled after a vintage camera. Still Frame will charm anyone who loves photography, travel or recapturing the beauty of a bygone era. The … Read More

Scentsy Holiday Products

Celebrate Hanukkah along side your Menorah  or Tannenbaum Scentsy warmer, clink your wine glasses and shout “L’Chaim!” Many of these full-size warmers are also available as Scentsy plug-ins.   Cuddle up with the new Pooki the Polar Bear Scentsy Buddy and load it with … Read More

Introducing Coconut Lemongrass Scentsy Scent

When the stress of everyday life begins to be all too overwhelming, your mind begins to wander to places far away, where you can let it all go and just relax beneath the warmth of an exotic sun. You imagine … Read More

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