Scentsy: A Great Brand and a Great Opportunity

If you are in love with Scentsy fragrances, decor and personal care products, joining the Scentsy family as a consultant is the next natural step. All it takes is an investment of $99 and your desire to build your own … Read More

Scentsy Diffuser Sale: 10% Off & Get A Free 2nd Shade

For a very-limited time, Scentsy is offering a 10% off sale on their most popular items including the new Scentsy Aromatherapy Diffuser category of products. If you purchase a Scentsy Diffuser today, you’ll get $13 off and you’ll receive a … Read More

August 2016 Scentsy Scent & Warmer of the Month

For August 2016, Scentsy has introduced the Still Frame Scentsy Warmer which is picture perfect and is modeled after a vintage camera. Still Frame will charm anyone who loves photography, travel or recapturing the beauty of a bygone era. The … Read More