Taking Scentsy on the Road

As the holidays approach, many Scentsy fans are prepping to visit friends and family across the country and beyond. While it’s wonderful to see loved ones, the journey to them isn’t always pleasant from an olfactory standpoint! Crowded airplanes, musty … Read More

A Wonderful Winter with Scentsy

Once you enjoy the beautiful fragrances of Scentsy, it’s easy to get so excited about finding favorite bars, exploring new additions to the scent catalog and even experimenting with mixes that you forget how beautiful your warmer is. Scentsy warmers aren’t … Read More

Scentsy Warmers 101: Different Styles

Scentsy is best known for their incredible variety of beautifully-fragranced bars, but the other half of the equation – decorative warmers – has just as many tempting choices. Not sure which kind of warmer is right for your needs? Here’s … Read More

Cute, Cuddly & Kid-Approved: Scentsy Buddies!

For children, there are few things that inspire more fun and bring more comfort than a special stuffed friend. Rather than a plain teddy bear, today’s kids carry everything from dinosaurs to unicorns on their imaginative adventures. The problem with … Read More

It’s Beginning to Smell A Lot Like Christmas!

When it comes to getting in the holiday spirit, it’s hard to beat the warm, welcoming smells of baking treats (except perhaps eggnog, but that’s a little more like the Holiday spirit getting into you!) and crisp pine tree branches. … Read More

Company’s Coming! Let Scentsy Help You Prepare.

The holidays are fast approaching, and when friends and family gather in the home, it means love, laughter and….laundry. Linens are often tucked in a closet and forgotten about between visitors, and that means there’s ample time for freshness and … Read More

The Scentsy Fragrant Fables Have Arrived!

Never underestimate the power of a great story – even if the tale is “told” with fragrance instead of words. Scentsy’s Fragrant Fables are a delightfully unique concept that takes fans on a themed scent journey with ten – that’s … Read More

Scentsy Scent and Warmer of the Month – November 2016

Happy November, Scentsy fans! While we’ll miss the costume-and-candy-filled delights of October, we’re just as excited for upcoming holidays to share with friends and family. For November 2016, Scentsy’s getting winter kick-started with an incredibly beautiful snowflake-themed warmer: The Winter … Read More

It’s Time for Halloween, Scentsy-Style!

Thrills and chills, candy and costumes – what’s not to love about the spookiest night of the year? That’s right, it’s time for Halloween again, and this year Scentsy has knocked it out of the park with friendly, Halloween-themed warmers … Read More

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