Scentsy Holiday Products

Celebrate Hanukkah along side your Menorah  or Tannenbaum Scentsy warmer, clink your wine glasses and shout “L’Chaim!” Many of these full-size warmers are also available as Scentsy plug-ins.   Cuddle up with the new Pooki the Polar Bear Scentsy Buddy and load it with your favorite Scentsy Scent pak!

With its warm, spicy scent, gingerbread brings comfort, and the character of the gingerbread man is one that’s hard to resist. At the same time, there’s nothing much nicer than walking into a warm room that’s sweetly scented with the familiar, distinctive aroma of ginger. One of the safest and most modern ways to make your home smell gorgeous is to use a full-size Scentsy warmer. Extra time and care goes into producing this range, and it’s apparent in the high-end finishes and decorative ornamentation.

The Gingerbread full-size Scentsy warmer is made of high-quality dark terracotta ceramics. In cheerful cinamon-red, with a high-gloss coating, the quirky gingerbread cookie cutter figures around the base bring smiles to any room. The charming figures are in the shape of traditional gingerbread men, with contrasting white piping embossed on the wrists, ankles, and around the silhouette. There are even three cute little pink buttons in the center, and of course the finishing touch is the slightly wicked grin on his characterful biscuit face. Team the warmer with a traditional scent like gingersnap to call to mind home baking and sweet cakes, bring a touch of warmth into your home in the winter, or bring a traditional scent to late autumn and Halloween.

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