Introducing Perfectly Pomegranate Scentsy Scent

It is said that it was no apple at all that hung as the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge, but actually, a tart and juicy pomegranate. Amid the lush Garden of Eden, this bright red fruit tempted Eve with its sweetness, changing her fate and that of all women for eternity. Even the mighty goddess Persephone fell to the temptation of this succulent forbidden fruit, proving that not even the divine can resist its splendid flavor.

Now you can indulge in the sinfully sweet fragrance of luscious pomegranate and deep, ripe berries by using any of our Scentsy Perfectly Pomegranate scented products. Your home will take on the atmosphere of Eden itself when you activate our tantalizingly rich Scentsy Bar in your Scentsy Warmer. The lush mist of our Room Spray will keep your home’s fragrance deliciously strong. Hang our Scent Circle in your car, by your desk, or any other place to keep this irresistible scent with you wherever you go. If you long to become a temptress yourself, ravish your body with our seductively fragranced Scentsy Perfectly Pomegranate Layers personal care products.

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