Introducing Scentsy Warmers Premium Collection

Create a distinctive look (and aroma) for each room in the house with Scentsy’s Individual Collection of Warmers. These Full-Size Warmers have incredible detail and are beautifully decorated to match any decor. All Full Size Warmers are approximately 4.5” wide and 6” tall, and the Individual Collection comes in more than 25 different styles for every taste and design.

Riga Scentsy Warmer

Bring the festivity and sophistication of a stroll down Bourbon Street right into your home with this ornately crafted Premium Full Size Warmer. Riga flaunts the flourishes of the 18th century colonial style that characterizes the French Quarter to this day.

Palette Scentsy Warmer

Recreate the beauty of autumn just the way an artist would with this radiantly chromatic Warmer. Its palette-like patches of color and deep red glow are just as expressive as the sweeping strokes of a paint-smeared brush as it illustrates the perfect seasonal scene.

Zingana Scentsy Warmer

Turn your home into an exotic retreat that still contains all of the sizzle and spice of the summer season. With our bold Zingana Warmer, you’ll bring the heat of Africa into any room, along with the excitement of rich, exotic scents. Perfect for an abode that is already vibrant with wild, cultural design.

Tiara Scentsy Warmer

Your little girl can’t get enough of her fairy tale play. Why not turn her room into the perfect princess abode starting with our Tiara Scentsy Warmer? Its blushing pink base flaunts a feminine filigree of heart shaped curls and a dazzling sprinkle of treasured diamonds.

Cupcake Scentsy Warmer

Get all of the indulgence of your favorite baked treat without ever taking a bite by using our whimsically designed Cupcake Scentsy Warmer. Its swirled pink top conceals a chocolate brown warming dish, allowing the scrumptious aroma of your favorite Scentsy Bar to waft through its delicate venting holes.

O Canada Scentsy Warmer

This Canada Day, celebrate your patriotism with our O Canada Scentsy Warmer. Designed after the iconic l’Unifolié, it features the St. George’s Cross red and Canadian Pale, along with a realistic sculpture of the traditional maple leaf emblem at the Warmer’s center.

Shale Scentsy Warmer

Our Shale Scentsy Warmer will serve as a handsome piece of decor that both men and women adore. You’ll admire its sleek lines and shape, and he’ll love how its stony gray design reminds him of his adventurous hikes through rugged, mountainous terrain.

Jane Scentsy Warmer

An elegant addition to any decorating scheme, the Jane Premium Scentsy Warmer has the look of distressed wrought iron, graceful feet holding the cube above the surface, with a lovely detailed openwork square panel that lets the warmer light glow through. Ridges on each side add interest and the lid has a flared silhouette that harmonizes well with the warmer.

Mandala Scentsy Warmer

Follow in the ancient tradition of the Buddhist monks who find their zen through the creation of intricate mandalas by using our new Mandala Scentsy Warmer. A colorful pattern displays all of the beautiful intricacies of these exotic symbols against a sand colored base.

Roselyn Scentsy Warmer

Let the cowboy of your dreams whisk you away! You can set the mood for rustic romance with our new Roselyn Scentsy Warmer. Its worn cream base and rugged burlap band put a vintage twist on modern style, while the scarlet flower embellishment represents your deep passion.

Heartfelt Scentsy Warmer

Make your love known just by fragrancing your home with the help of our new Heartfelt Scentsy Warmer. This romantic design represents all of your passion, with framed heart embossments, a lush scarlet hue, and a shimmering heart medallion at its front.

Regal Scentsy Warmer

Transport yourself back to the intriguing times of the middle ages by using our new Regal Scentsy Warmer to decorate your home. You’ll feel like a high born French maiden when you view its glittering blue finish, antiqued edges, and shining Fleur-de-lis symbol.

Homestead Scentsy Warmer

The sweetest memories of your younger years were made at your grandmother’s country cottage. Give your home the same nostalgic appeal by decorating it with our new Homestead Scentsy Warmer. Its antique country design features a warm and welcoming quote for greeting all your family and friends.

Amala Scentsy Warmer

Channel your inner fashion icon by incorporating our new chic Amala Scentsy Warmer. Understated refinement is expressed through its simple, glossy white glaze and feminine vintage flower adornment.

Meadow Scentsy Warmer

Brighten up every day with a fresh burst of spring air by using our new Meadow Scentsy Warmer to fragrance your home. You’ll be instantly cheered up by its vibrant green hue, and white graphics of dragonflies and butterflies amid leaves of grass.

Big Apple Scentsy Warmer

Prepare yourself for the beautiful bounty spring brings your way, by using our April Warmer of the month: The Big Apple Scentsy Warmer. This cute three-piece Warmer has been lovingly hand painted, giving it an organic streaked look just like what can be found on real orchard apples.

God Bless Scentsy Warmer

Our new June Warmer of the Month is an All American treasure. The God Bless American Flag Scentsy Warmer has a handmade look  that is created by a ribbed texture, speckled red and blue paint, and an authentic illustration of Old Glory itself watched over by a rim of stars and a blue stripe.

Lighthouse Scentsy Warmer

Brighten your home with the refreshing atmosphere of the seaside this summer by bringing in our July Warmer of the Month: The Lighthouse Scentsy Warmer. This new design is one of our most detailed yet, with authentic, hand painted and sculpted touches that resemble those of real shoreside lighthouses.

Birdhouse Scentsy Warmer

The Birdhouse Scentsy Warmer is an adorable addition to the home of all bird lovers.  This 3 piece Scentsy Warmer is complete with green twisty vines and a cute bluebird.  When you remove the roof, you’ll see the dish that you’ll place a few cubes of your favorite Scentsy bar.  I recommend the Scent of the Month, Bora Bora Blossom!

Service & Sacrifice Scentsy Warmer

Help our soldiers find purpose upon returning home by honoring them with our Service & Sacrifice Scentsy Warmer. With your purchase, $8 will go toward funding an organization that awards post 9-11 veterans with inspiring fellowship projects.  In the U.S, these proceeds will go to The Mission Continues.  In Canada, proceeds from this Scentsy warmer will go to The Wounded Warriors.

Mossy Oak Break Up Scentsy Warmer

Cozy up the family cabin by decorating with our official camo Scentsy warmer, the  camo Mossy Oak Break-Up Scentsy Warmer. Its tall, smoothly rounded base is printed over with a pattern of natural oak bark, twigs, and dried leaves of the forest floor.

Mission Oak Scentsy Warmer

Turn any room of your home into a vision of effortless sophistication, just by displaying our new Mission Oak Scentsy Warmer. Its smooth cylindrical form has been laminated with a dark wood grain print, giving it a look of natural classiness.

Black Chevron Scentsy Warmer

Give your home the same sense of daring and excitement expressed in your personality, by using our new Black Chevron Scentsy Warmer. Its coating of slick black paint at the base is cut through by bold white chevron stripes, then covered in a sleek gloss.

Blue Chevron Scentsy Warmer

Make decorating your home smooth sailing by displaying our nautical themed Blue Chevron Scentsy Warmer in any room. A glossy base of sea blue is broken up by a sharp, wave-like pattern of crisp white chevron stripes.

Blast Off Scentsy Warmer – Rocketship

Pop in a block of your favorite Scentsy wax, and then start the countdown! Our new rocketship Blast Off Scentsy Warmer gives you a fun and exciting new way to enjoy our best scents. It’s designed to look just like an astronaut explorer’s personal rocket ship.

Ria Scentsy Warmer

Make the last days of summer linger on, at least in spirit, by using our new Ria Scentsy Warmer. Its organic design is inspired by a cool, rushing river winding through canals. Steep ridges line a body that waves with the current, covered in glazes of sand and stone.

I Heart You Scentsy Warmer

You’ll love featuring the I Heart Scentsy Warmer each year, as part of your Valentines home decor.  Add a few cubes of your favorite Scentsy Bar, and you’re ready for a night of romance.

Travertine Core Scentsy Warmer

The abiding allure of natural hewn stone puts the Travertine Core Warmer at the top of any list of Scentsy must-haves. A handsome addition to any area of your home, the trim tawny ceramic mineral-like warmer shares a pure earthy glow along with your choice of marvelous Scentsy fragrances.

Lace Scentsy Warmer

Delicate and delightful as a graceful gift for the bride or a treasured memory for the graduate, treat yourself or your dear ones to the lovely Lace Scentsy Warmer. Refined and thoroughly feminine, this is a singular Scentsy Premium offering, sharing ethereal fragrances and and a tender and elegant style.

Bronze Vine Scentsy Warmer

With the classic look of hand-rubbed metal relief sculpted round its sides, the Bronze Vine Scentsy Warmer is a visual delight in any area of home or garden. A reminder of renewal of all that is green, welcome this warmer and the fragrance it shares this spring, summer and beyond.

Owlet Scentsy Warmer

The newest addition to Scentsy’s rookery, the captivating Owlet Scentsy Warmer has both eyes wide-open. Charmingly captured in full color on a buff background, this little guy is a hoot as he spreads light and fragrance from his perch in your home, or keeps an “eye” on a dear one.

Metal Petal Scentsy Warmer

Embellished with a garland of blue-green blooms, the subtle patina of the Metal Petal Scentsy Warmer recalls ancient copper-decorated jade jars. Settle this antiqued jar in a area that needs a little light and let the scent and gentle green radiance add pleasing warmth and welcome to your home’s ambiance.

Rustic Bloom Scentsy Warmer

Cerulean blue with a delightful display of the season’s finest flowers, add a pop of color to your spring and summer style with the Rustic Bloom Scentsy Warmer. A charming coil pot with continuous ring circling its exterior, perky posies and scalloped top the harbinger of pleasant scents to come.

Chantecler Scentsy Warmer

Sure to catch the eye, Chantecler lends a fresh yet timeless French Country feel to your surroundings. Enjoy the noble bearing of this feathered fellow with fragrant Scentsy cubes nestled between the curve of his graceful neck and his ruffed tail. Antiqued white ceramic blends well with different decorating schemes.

Cherry Tree Scentsy Warmer

Exquisitely detailed, this colorful Cherry Tree Scentsy Warmer uses a bold teal sky to emphasize a slender cherry tree, heavy with pretty pink blossoms. The smooth cylinder shape, accented with brown faux-worn edges, looks beautiful even when the warmer isn’t on. Add your favorite fragrance bar and enjoy a gorgeous scene for the eyes and nose alike.

Whoot Scentsy Warmer

Amazing detail and a sense of humor sets the Whoot Premium Scentsy Warmer apart. An intricately fitted lid holds your favorite Scentsy bar cubes and serves as the stylized ears of this inquiring fellow. Glowing from within, this owl displays a soft shell pink his wide eyes piercing, also releasing the warmer’s light.


Wrangler Scentsy Warmer

The perfect choice for anyone who dream of growing up to be a cowboy, or cowgirl, the Wrangler Premium Scentsy Warmer sports a horseshoe and star on the front, quirky detailing that adds to this warmer’s appeal. Display in the den or at the country house, fun in a decorating scheme in a Western styled house of office.


Yukon Scentsy Warmer

If you are likely to respond to the Call of the Wild you will appreciate the Yukon Premium Scentsy Warmer. A moose stands on the edge of the tundra, a magnificent full rack of antlers proudly displayed on his powerful head. A great addition to the cabin or the family room.


It’s A Party Scentsy Warmer

Say Happy Birthday to Scentsy with the It’s a Party Scentsy warmer, a cheerful topsy-turvy cake of made of glossy, colorful ceramic. With whimsically crooked layers of brightly colored diamond and polka dots, it’s just the thing to bring a smile to your face. Add your favorite fragrance bar in the candle-decorated warming dish and make a wish!

Breast Cancer Scentsy Warmer – Ribbons of Hope

Now you can enjoy a beautiful take on the iconic pink ribbon with the Breast Cancer Ribbons of Hope Scentsy Warmer, a black, white and pink design woven with love and style. $7 from every sale of this design goes to support the search for a cure through the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

Aspen Grove Scentsy Warmer

You’ll dream of a leisurely stroll through the woods as you enjoy your favorite home fragrances with the Aspen Grove Scentsy Warmer. Thoughtfully detailed with a virtual forest of slender aspen tree trunks and branches, this peaceful design will make any counter a little more awe-inspiring as it celebrates both nature and unforgettable scents.

Vintage Teapot Scentsy Warmer

There’s nothing “short and stout” about this elegant beauty of a warmer! The Vintage Tea Pot Scentsy Warmer features an antique-look peachy hue and delicate accents of worn dots and flowers that look light and sweet. Add a few cubes of your favorite Scentsy fragrance bar beneath the lid to enjoy the peace of tea time, anytime.

No Place Like Home Scentsy Warmer A stately, simple brick red house is filled with love and light in the No Place Like Home Scentsy Warmer. Small square windows let illumination peek out, while the contrasting black roof lifts off to let your favorite fragrance bars melt beneath and rise through a star-shaped cutout above.

Pink Mossy Oak Break Up Scentsy Warmer Hit a bullseye with outdoor-themed home decor when you add the camo-fabulous Pink Mossy Oak Break Up Scentsy Warmer to your counter or table. Made with the wildly popular pink-backed camo mashup pattern, this fierce and feminine piece is ideal for giving a nod to your love of the hunting lifestyle.

Free Spirit Scentsy Warmer

Playful bandanna accents liven up the rusty red hue of the Free Spirit Scentsy Warmer, making it perfect for eclectic decor or as a statement piece all by itself. Just pop a few cubes of your favorite Scentsy bar in the upper warming dish and let your creativity out to play.

Chasing Fireflies Scentsy Warmer

Capture the comforting atmosphere of a late summer night with friends with the Chasing Fireflies Scentsy Warmer. With a design that mimics a mason jar and a heartwarming message, this country-chic warmer is simply brilliant. The entire jar glows from within, illuminating the uplifting script on the front, as well as a pair of mischievous fireflies.

Madame Butterfly Mint Scentsy Warmer

Glowing from within, the Madame Butterfly Mint Premium Warmer hints of far away Eastern isles where impossibly delicate butterflies hover over gardens full of lush and fragrant flowers. The cool mint background calms while the detailed flowers promise of lovely scents to come, melted in the lid of this elegant warmer for all to enjoy.


Hardwood Scentsy Warmer

A hand pieced artisan look is cultivated by the Hardwood Scentsy Warmer, beautifully grained in tones of golden, ash and dark wood. A curved bottom colored in bronze is matched with a lid to cradle your favored Scentsy. This is a warmer that spans all seasons and styles, sure to be a constant element in your Scentsyscape.


Cracklin Rose Scentsy Warmer

Dramatically different in damask, the Cracklin Rose Premium Warmer displays masses of blooms, raised and defined with a special crackled finish. Adorned with garlands of roses, stems and leaves, this deep pink warmer is the perfect place to melt a floral fusion of Scentsy bars and takes a place of honor in a woman’s bed or dressing room, the nursery or the solarium.


Bali Scentsy Warmer

Relax and let the stresses of your busy life go when under the positive influence of the Bali Scentsy Warmer. Seek peace and find the way toward inner contentment when this beautifully designed and crafted Buddha graces your home, emitting soothing fragrances according to the choices you make from among the Scentsy bar collection.


Madame Butterfly Yellow Scentsy Warmer

A welcoming golden ambiance will pervade the room when the Madame Butterfly Yellow Premium Warmer from Scentsy is lit and gently warming a favorite Scensty bar. Deep golden yellow and decorated with ecru, pink centered old fashioned roses, a beautiful butterfly captures your attention, fluttering above a perfect flowery specimen, ready to slake its thirst with sweet nectar.

Petal Green Scentsy Warmer

A magical and mysterious experience awaits when you welcome the Petal Green Scentsy Warmer from the Premium Collection into your home.  A fun and fanciful warmer melts cubes of Scensty in a cup of spring green, ruffled around with just-blossomed petals so fresh they seem to be kissed with morning dew.


Petal Purple Scentsy Warmer

Boldly colored like the first brave buds breaking through an soaking up the Spring sun, the Petal Purple Scentsy Warmer is a refreshing reminder of the renewal that comes during this hopeful season. Gentle waves of bright violet cup the perfect place to melt springy Scensty fragrances, filling your home with the promise of warmth and rebirth.

Thistle Scentsy Warmer

Dusky plum purple is embellished with swirls of mauve, raised for an interesting texture in the Thistle Premium Warmer by Scentsy. The whorls intersect and mesmerize for an elegant and intriguing effect. A lovely accent for the living room or a passionate purple addition to the bedroom, spreading pleasurable fragrances wherever it is placed.

Urban Luster Scentsy Warmer

Contemporary chic shines in the Urban Luster Premium Scentsy Warmer. A cool, smooth grey elemental concrete look tops this warmer, the slick slip of industrial minimalism rising at an angle above a satin polished base wrapped in gold. Confidently at home with all decor, dress up or leave stark and a little edgy, infusing fragrance with aplomb.


Field of Poppies Scentsy Warmer

The classic combination of scarlet and black is freshly interpreted through fully blown blooms on the Fields of Poppies Warmer. A spring time special, the bold flowers glow on this creamy, hand painted warmer, a sassy accent piece that celebrates the wonders of these delicate flowers, growing beautiful and wild in the meadow.

Scentsy Cork Warmer

Scentsy designers are magical in their vision, knowing exactly how to transform ordinary into extraordinary as done with the Cork Premium Scentsy Warmer. Taking a rustically beautiful turquoise blue warmer to a whole new level of style and adding interest textures, this beauty is wrapped with cork for a pleasing contrast.


Scentsy Rock Balance Warmer

Enjoy the natural decorative trend of stone art with the Scentsy Rock Balance Warmer, a calming sculpture of taupe, grey and cream stone shaped ceramic, sharing your favorite Scentsy wax beneath the top “rock” in a delightful twist and addition to the Premium line. No light, just a relaxing fragrance.


Scentsy Calavera Sugar Skull Warmer

A beautiful example of and interpretation of traditional Mexican folk art the Calavera Sugar Skull Warmer by Scentsy will be the centerpiece of any Day of the Dead celebration. Pure white ceramic is decorated with greens, purple and golds like the flower adorned skulls throughout the communities that honor this day.

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