Introducing Simply Scentsy

Our Simply Scentsy product line has perfectly captured the very essence of the single fragrance that you love.

Simply Cinnamon Scentsy Bar

It’s hard to resist the enticing aroma of freshly baked gourmet treats, especially when they’re sprinkled with delightfully peppy cinnamon spice. Our Simply Cinnamon Scentsy Bar has captured the pure aroma of this sweetly piquant note for individual enjoyment.

Simply Rose Scentsy Bar

The botanical beauty of a simple, pink rose is represented in our Simply Rose Scentsy Bar. This single note essence is as pure as the fragrant petals themselves. Use this Scentsy Bar to bring floral refreshment and a romantic atmosphere to any room.

Simply Vanilla Scentsy Bar

Everyone’s favorite delicious simple pleasure has been singled out in fragrance form. Our Simply Vanilla Scentsy Bar is composed of one solitary note, that of warm, sweet, and absolutely scrumptious vanilla beans.

Simply Lime Scentsy Bar

Just like your favorite summertime spritzers, our Simply Lime Scentsy Bar is ready to give you a burst of refreshment. A single note of ripe and juicy lime has been captured in this bar, just as crisp and green as the light and effervescent citrus itself.

Simply Strawberry Scentsy Bar

Indulge in the most succulent of all summer fruits with our Simply Strawberry Scentsy Bar. This deliciously fruity scent was designed to emulate the pure aroma of bright red, juicy strawberries picked straight from their bountiful patch.

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