Introducing Scentsy Shower Gel

Turn your daily morning shower into an experience of richly fragrant luxury with our divinely scented Layers Shower Gels. In this collection, you’ll find your favorite Scentsy fragrances ready to be used for the most indulgent cleansing experience you can imagine. Enriched with vitamin B5 and other nourishing ingredients, our incredible formula will give your skin the therapy it needs while awakening your senses with a variety of spellbinding scents. Our Shower Gels are specially designed to leave your skin radiant with a layer of wonderful aroma, making the perfect base for our other Layers products.

Coconut Lemongrass Shower Gel
Now you can treat your skin to an exotic adventure of fragrances that hail from far away eastern islands. You’ll be uplifted by the tropical mood that warm, citrusy lemongrass brings to the lusciously creamy scent of sweet coconut milk. This gel’s special formula will leave your skin excitingly aromatic long after you’ve showered.

Enchanted Mist Shower Gel
With notes of freshly plucked apples from a magical wood, caressing petals of roses, and whispering jasmine, this brightly scented Shower Gel will leave you spellbound. You’ll be covered in its captivating fragrance for hours. Intensify it with our other Layers products.

Love Story Shower Gel
Indulge in the sweet caresses of your favorite romantic notes with our luscious Love Story Shower Gel. Your skin will be enveloped by the aroma of decadent dark chocolate, coy pink jasmine, and sensual amber. Our special formula leaves a light layer of fragrance that lasts for hours.

Luna Shower Gel
What could be more thrillingly mysterious than a night scene of moonlight glistening upon trickling waters? Now your skin can be scented with the same spirit with the aroma of bright berries, exotic sandalwood, and seductive floral notes of jasmine, freesia, and sweet pea.

Quiver Shower Gel
Now you can indulge in the excitement of new love even as you shower. Our Quiver Shower Gel is so exhilarating, you’ll have almost as many butterflies as you do whenever you’re near that special someone. Ravish yourself with notes of innocent vanilla, sweet tuberose, and tempting sandalwood.

Sugar Cookie Shower Gel
Bring the warm delight of your favorite sweet treat right into the shower by using our deliciously scented Sugar Cookie Shower Gel. Your mouth will be watering once you’re surrounded with the aroma of freshly baked dough, sprinkles of sugar, and creamy vanilla.

Awakening Shower Gel
Resurrect your tired body and mind with our stimulating new Awakening Shower Gel. A lively yet gentle blend of mood-brightening pineapple, white peach, warm vanilla, and amber will coax fatigue away in an instant once you let this light lather release its enlivening aroma. You’ll adore the way its vibrant essence lingers on, long after you’ve dried off and gone about your day.

Be Still Shower Gel
The few minutes you have to shower are all you need to rejuvenate yourself when you have our tranquil Be Still Shower Gel in hand. Be soothed by meditative caresses of exotic mandarin, eastern sandal tree, and shy purple violet just by squeezing a few drops of gel into your hand and working it into an invigorating lather.

French Lavender Shower Gel
Transform even the everyday task of getting ready into an experience of spa-like luxury. When you use our French Lavender Shower Gel, the steam that surrounds you will become refreshingly fragrant with an herbaceous floral breeze straight from the French countryside. Intensify the relaxation by following up with more of our invigorating Layers products.

Linger Shower Gel
Be careful! This luscious Shower Gel is so wonderfully indulgent, you’ll long to stay in your shower all day. It will be a challenge to keep to your schedule when you inhale the deep, flirty aroma of pink grapefruit, sweet apple, caramel covered praline, and delectable marshmallow cream. Linger is one of the most lavish scents in our Layers collection.

Route 66 Shower Gel
You’re already on the road to spiritual freedom when you lather up with our brisk and refreshing Route 66 Shower Gel. Your mind will be filled with inspiring scenes from a cross-country drive when you breathe in the zesty gust of citrus, purifying herbs, and wild musk that emanates from this skin-nourishing formula.

RU N2 Me Shower Gel
Keep that special someone guessing whenever they’re around by teasing them with one of the newest additions to our Layers Collection. Our RU N2 Me Shower Gel is warm and intriguing, with enticing notes of spicy pink peppercorns, complex woods, and a bright burst of lip-puckering cassis.

Satin Sheets Shower Gel
Keep the smooth, silky feeling of Satin Sheets on you all day when you use the sumptuous Shower Gel of the same name. This luxurious blend of exotic vanilla and sensual sandalwood is just as glamorous as it is undeniably sultry. You’ll love how you can make its decadent aroma all the more intense by combining it with more of our Layers products.

Simply Irresistible Shower Gel
Let the fragrance of this whimsically scented Shower Gel tell the tale of your journey into the enchanted wood. An invigorating note of floral lavender blends magically with a woody base comprised of green moss, earthy musk, and spellbinding amber. You’ll become a storybook maiden straight from the pages of lore when you let this fantastical aroma glisten upon your skin.

Skinny Dippin’ Shower Gel
Let your hair down and make a splash with one of the most innocently playful fragrances in our Layers collection. Our Skinny Dippin’ Shower Gel will turn your shower experience into a time when you can relive your childhood joys and carry their memory with you throughout the day with cool, refreshing notes of bountiful melons, apples, and juicy pears.

Sunkissed Citrus Shower Gel
It’s the break of dawn, and while the sun may just be peeking over the horizon, your shower is already filled with its energizing radiance. Our luminous Sunkissed Citrus Shower Gel contains a zesty medley of oranges, lemons, limes, and grapefruit, making it perfect for brightening your day right away.

Vanilla Suede Shower Gel
Bring all the richness of cultural sophistication into your morning ritual when you use our subtly masculine Vanilla Suede Shower Gel. You’ll be impressed by an unpredictable yet noble blend of antiquarian vanilla, worldly sandalwood, exotic spices, and even a decadent note of amber, just for a touch of opulence.

White Tea & Cactus Shower Gel
You’re a girl who likes to keep things simple, and your morning routine couldn’t get any easier when you’re able to come out of the shower already glowing with your signature scent. With our White Tea & Cactus Shower Gel, you’ll enjoy the green, floral notes of your favorite Layers fragrance all day after just a light wash.

Zeppelin Shower Gel
When you can’t pack your bags and take to the sky, indulge in the wayfaring spirit from the comfort of your shower with our Zeppelin Shower Gel. This brisk fragrance captures all the thrill of adventure, with a balanced breeze of cool, glistening citrus, clarifying sage, zesty vetiver, and light sandalwood.

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