Introducing Scentsy Mid Size Warmers

Using our wonderful Scentsy Warmers isn’t only for living spaces. With our artfully designed Mid Size Warmers, you can now bring the luxury of fine fragrances and refined, expressive styles to your office or workspace with ease. Perfectly sized for fitting atop desks, shelves, or other medium sized surfaces, these warmers are wonderfully convenient for creating an atmosphere of relaxation without getting in the way of your work. Experiment with your favorite scents to stimulate your productivity, creativity, and optimism every day at work.

Individual Collection
Scentsy’s Individual collection of Mid Size Warmers is full of ravishing styles that are perfect for sprucing up your desktop or small counter space. Choose from eleven designs that all flaunt wonderfully unique designs in order to find one that matches your personal tastes.

Mod Collection
For those who love to keep their home decor chic and contemporary, Scentsy’s colorful Mod collection is full of sleekly styled Mid Size Warmers that show of pretty pops of graphic patterns. Place one of these sleek, funky warmers next to your Warhol print to make your room’s mod mood complete.

Smooth Stone Collection
Our rustic collection of Smooth Stone Mid Size Warmers is sure to bring a feeling of earthy inspiration to any room in your home. Choose between Jade, Lime, and Soap stone designs, all of which are modeled off of their natural counterparts, to turn your workspace into a peaceful area to get in touch with your soul.

Primary Collection
Add a splash of stylish color to any room with our Primary Collection of Scentsy Mid Size Warmers.  The primary colors of red, yellow and blue are featured in these warmers, along with a band of white along the base.  Make it complete by experimenting with your favorite Scentsy bars.

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