Introducing Scentsy’s Silhouette Collection

Sometimes a traditionally stylish piece of decor just won’t do. When you purchase a warmer and warmer accessories from our Silhouette collection, you’re one who is looking for a warmer that can set the mood not only with the release of sensual fragrances, but its ability to turn an entire room into a setting of pure intimacy. These artsy warmers are specially designed to let mysterious whirls of light play upon your walls whenever you use them. Combine them with the most indulgent fragrances from our Romance collection of Scentsy bars to make the atmosphere perfect for cozy cuddling and tender whispers.


Glowing Core Scentsy Warmer
Now you can bring the sensuality of our most romantic scents to any room and create the perfect setting for intimacy too with this lovely Glowing Core Scentsy Warmer. Slip over any warmer wrap to instantly create a projecting theater of light and shadow upon your walls.


Loom Scentsy Warmer Wrap
Weaving in, out, and around, these spiraling wires will whisk you away to a world of whimsy and wonder. Simply slide this wistful warmer wrap over your Glowing Core Scentsy Warmer to create a hypnotic display of waving shadows upon your wall.


Linden Scentsy Warmer Wrap
Curiously speckled in the most delicately detailed way, our prim and proper Linden warmer wrap creates an interesting pattern of tight stitch-like bubbles of light upon your walls the moment you slide it over your Glowing Core Scentsy Warmer.


Lili Scentsy Warmer Wrap
|Get into the mood with the groovy lightshow our Lili Scentsy Warmer Wrap will give you once you slip it atop your Glowing Core Scentsy Warmer. Your walls will be covered in a playful painting of luminescent flowers, loops, and swirls.


Downtown Scentsy Warmer Wrap
All of your friends are envious of your hip urban pad. Settled in one of the trendiest neighborhoods in the city, you delight in admitting that you’re living quite a fashionable life. Keep the style of your chic quarters up to date with our metropolitan inspired Downtown Scentsy Warmer Wrap. Its sleek, modern look will bring all the sparkle of the skyline right into your home.


Chickadee Scentsy Warmer Wrap
Every morning you awaken to the sound of your favorite feathered friends singing their cheerful tunes. In the evening, when they’ve returned to their nests, why don’t you bring the joyfulness of their spirit indoors with our luminous Chickadee Scentsy Warmer Wrap? Once your glowing core warmer is lit, you’ll see playful avian shadows all over your walls.


Castille Scentsy Warmer Wrap
When you’re in the mood for indulging in your queenly desires, set the stage for majesty with our Castille Scentsy Warmer Wrap. Displaying its aristocratic design will instantly transform your ordinary living quarters into a throne room of sheer opulence. We recommend dimming the lights to enjoy your warmer’s regal glow.

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