Introducing Scentsy Hand Soap

Scentsy Awakening Hand Soap
Its Monday morning, and after the snooze button has expired, you find yourself facing a hectic day full of chores. Before you get started, why don’t you refresh yourself with the quick boost of energy that can be pumped out of our Awakening hand soap? You’ll be instantly uplifted by tropical notes of peach, pineapple, vanilla, and amber.

Scentsy Be Still Hand Soap
Your schedule may be slam packed, but there’s always a moment that you can spare to calm down and find your center. When you need a short break to regroup and clear your mind, use the notes of mandarin, violet, and sandal that float through this fragrance to restore your inner balance.

Scentsy Coconut Lemongrass Hand Soap
Who knew that an act as simple as washing your hands could take your senses away on the trip of a lifetime? The rich lather of this paradiscally scented hand soap will remind you of the refreshing sea foam that froths along Caribbean shores. Creamy coconut milk splashes upon the citrusy aroma of verdant lemongrass.

Scentsy Enchanted Mist Hand Soap
Whenever you read fairy tales to your children, you can’t help but find yourself becoming immersed in the tales as well. Spellbound by stories of royal beauties and heroic princes, you’ll love bringing the enchantment to your life with hypnotic notes of apple, rose, and jasmine blossoms.

Scentsy French Lavender Hand Soap
Gazing upon the tranquil scenes of a Van Gogh make you feel as if you were truly walking along the rolling hills and sweeping fields of the French countryside. Bring the relaxation of an artful stroll to your senses any time with our soothing French Lavender hand soap.

Scentsy Linger Hand Soap
When you combine products from our layers collection, you’re creating a personal fragrance that will last all day. But by choosing this special aroma, it won’t only be your scent that lingers. Keep that special someone glued to your hip with the irresistible allure of praline, apple, grapefruit, and creamy marshmallow.

Scentsy Love Story Hand Soap
Just say “Yes!” to the temptation of sweet romance! You can indulge in your amorous daydreams even when washing your hands by using this seductively scented hand soap. Be charmed by notes of affectionate amber, jasmine, and deep, dark chocolate.

Scentsy Lucky in Love Hand Soap
Your heart is racing, and as that special someone approaches, you feel as if this is finally your lucky moment! Treat yourself to the excitement of this thrilling moment even after it has passed with elating notes of mandarin, orange, and bergamot, combined with sugared peach and berry.

Scentsy Luna Hand Soap
There’s nothing more unforgettable than a romantic evening spent beneath the scintillating stars, exchanging shy glances and waltzing under the moonlight. One needn’t speak when this feeling lingers in the air. Be swept off your feet by white florals berries, and enchanting sandalwood.

Scentsy Quiver Hand Soap
Never underestimate the power of personal fragrance! When you use our Quiver scented Layers products, you’ll leave others trembling with delight any time you’re near. Charm their hearts with the romantic aroma of vanilla flower, tuberose, and sultry sandalwood.

Scentsy Route 66 Hand Soap
Even if you’re stuck in the kitchen doing dishes, you’ll experience all the freedom of the open road when you use our Route 66 hand soap. Fragranced with invigorating notes of citrus, herbs, and musk, it will take your mind away on an adventure that will leave you refreshed and revived.

Scentsy RU N2 Me Hand Soap
In these modern times, it seems that love only gets more and more complicated. Capturing the heart of another is a game full of mystery and excitement. Enjoy the thrill of the chase with wonderfully contemporary elements of pink pepper, bright cassis, and complex woods.

Scentsy Satin Sheets Hand Soap
Even when you’re stuck with the drudgery of doing chores all day, you never have to let go of luxury. Scentsy’s remarkably luscious and sophisticated Satin Sheets hand soap will envelop you in the rich refinement of sumptuous sandalwood and sultry vanilla.

Scentsy Simply Irresistible Hand Soap
Give yourself a green thumb with this wonderfully herbaceous hand soap. Its verdant, earthy fragrance is inspired by a trip to the forest, where all things grow wild and lush. Explore the spirit of the outdoors with the aroma of heady moss, musk, amber, and lavender.

Scentsy Skinny Dippin’ Hand Soap
Treat yourself to the excitement of summertime antics just by washing your hands when you use this nostalgically scented hand soap. A smile will surely spread across your cheeks as you breathe in the innocent notes of playful melons, sugared apples, and sweet dew-dipped pears.

Scentsy Sugar Cookie Hand Soap
When you use Sugar Cookie scented products from our remarkable Layers collection, there’s no doubting that you’re a girl with a serious sweet tooth! Indulge in your craving and refresh the aroma with this scrumptiously aromatic hand soap.

Scentsy Sunkissed Citrus Hand Soap
Explore the maze of a glistening citrus grove on a sunny summer afternoon. Plucking fresh fruits from the trees, you’re instantly energized by their crisp, uplifting scent. Enjoy the experience whenever you please with this hand soap and its resplendent notes of oranges, lemons, limes, and grapefruit.

Scentsy Vanilla Suede Hand Soap
You may be somewhat of a traditionalist when it comes to personal aroma, but its time to reinvent your fragrance while staying true to your classic style. Indulge in your love for simple, smooth scents like vanilla and amber while thrilling yourself with a twist of complex woods and spices.

Scentsy White Tea and Cactus Hand Soap
The most mindful meditators are able to find their inner peace and align their chakras even if they have only a few minutes to spare. You can obtain your own tranquility in the time it takes to wash your hands with this serenely scented hand soap.

Scentsy Zeppelin Hand Soap
Tackling the household chores may put a drag on your mood, but you can lift your spirit within seconds by lathering up with this inspiringly fragrant hand soap. You’ll be whisked away by light breezes carrying the airy scent of sage, vetiver, citrus, and subtle sandalwood.

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