Introducing Scentsy Body Lotion

You love to pamper your skin with all kinds of products, but is it really getting the care it needs? Now, with Scentsy’s Layers Body Lotions, you can quench your thirsty skin with all of the hydration and nourishment it’s begging for while leaving it deliciously fragranced with your favorite scents. Our skin-softening formula is enriched with vitamins and moisturizing oils that will make it satin-smooth. Use these lotions on your body every day to provide a lush base for our other gorgeously aromatic Layers products. Combining them will intensify the fragrance, making it last throughout the day.

Coconut Lemongrass Body Lotion
Now you can give your skin its own personal vacation every time you get ready for the day by using our tropically scented Coconut Lemongrass Body Lotion. Its smooth, citrusy fragrance is as refreshing as a cool island breeze.

Enchanted Mist Body Lotion
Cover your entire body in a shroud of opulent aroma that is sure to charm all around you with our magnificent Enchanted Mist Body Lotion. Its silky texture is perfect for soothing dry skin while leaving it scented with notes of juicy apples, romantic roses, and sweet jasmine.

Love Story Body Lotion
Treat your skin like it’s your own beloved Valentine with our wonderfully fragranced Love Story Body Lotion. In addition to being richly hydrated, your skin will be embraced by the sensual aromas of creamy dark chocolate, warm amber, and irresistibly coy pink jasmine blossoms.

Luna Body Lotion
Enliven your skin with the brightest fragrance in our remarkable Layers collection by moisturizing it with our lush Luna Body Lotion. Enjoy sparkling notes of tart berries, exciting sandalwood, and flirtatious white florals as you feel your skin become as smooth as silk.

Quiver Body Lotion
Making your skin velvety soft has never been such a thrilling experience. Just smooth our rich Quiver Body Lotion over your skin to hydrate it and release a dreamy aroma that will leave you spellbound. Hypnotic notes of vanilla, tuberose, and sandalwood make this scent elatingly divine.

Sugar Cookie Body Lotion
Nothing’s better than taking the first bite of a freshly-baked sugary treat. Now you can enjoy this simple delight whenever you moisturize your skin by using our heavenly Scented sugar Cookie Body Lotion. Your skin will be left smelling more scrumptious than ever, all day long!

Awakening Body Lotion
When you need to perk up your tired skin, give it a luscious boost of moisturization and inspiring scent. Our new Awakening Body Lotion is fragranced with an unexpected harmony of mouth-watering white peach, pineapple, vanilla, and warm amber.

Be Still Body Lotion
Give your skin the break it needs to restore balance and heal its weariness by using our deeply nourishing Be Still Body Lotion. Its smooth, tranquil fragrance will lull you with its soft, whispered notes of tranquil violet, creamy sandal tree, and the subtle glow of exotic mandarin.

French Lavender Body Lotion
When your skin has a need for moisture, there’s nothing better than coating in in our cool, soothing French Lavender Body Lotion. The invigorating floral fragrance is wild and surprisingly herbal, making it perfect for bringing relaxation to your body after a long, tiresome day.

Linger Body Lotion
Let the beauty of love linger on even after you’ve primped by using our sultry Linger Body Lotion. It’s light-hearted, romantic notes of sugared apple, sparkling grapefruit, marshmallow cream, and mouth-watering praline make it one fragrance that not a soul can resist.

Lucky in Love Body Lotion
The anticipation is finally over. Your hand has been played, and you’ve struck gold with the sweetheart of your dreams. Now it’s time to relax and sooth your skin with our new Lucky in Love Body Lotion. Your skin will be refreshed by cheerfully romantic elements of blushing bergamot, mandarin, and orange, with a lush base of peaches and berries.

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