Introducing Scentsy Man Scents

We’ve all heard it before. Whenever you spritz some perfume or disperse a feminine scent throughout the home, one of the boys in the house starts complaining. “Why must it always smell flowery in here?”, “Imagine what will the guys think of me if this place smells like a princess palace!”. Thankfully, you won’t have to worry about those comments any longer once you introduce the men in your life to our awesome Scentsy Man Scents collection. We’ve created a whole line of aromas that are perfectly tailored to the preferences of men.

This outstanding collection consists of 5 masculine aromas that will stimulate his senses and make him long for more fresh Scentsy fragrance. Is he a man who enjoys the finer things in life? Then he’ll love both our Ace and Vanilla Suede Scentsy Bars. These rich, unique aromas contain notes that are both sensual and intriguing. Ace represents a charismatic man whose charm is second only to his effortless class, while Vanilla Suede is ideal for the man who loves to indulge in high culture, history, and old traditions.

Our Route 66, Zephyr, and Zeppelin Scentsy Bars are more than packs of fragrance, they’re the bringers of freedom and excitement. Each Scent captures the spirit of freedom in it’s own special way, whether it’s through the pull of the great outdoors or a clear blue sky. Route 66 is great for a guy who loves to unwind by taking a highway cruise. Zephyr and Zeppelin are for those that would prefer a brisk flight through the gusts and clouds.

We promise that your man will change his mind about home fragrance once he experiences the thrilling scents in our Scentsy Man Scent collection. Have him give them a try today!

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