Introducing Premium Full Size Warmers

Don’t you love the idea of bringing deep, intense fragrances to your home, along with the beauty of captivating design? Scentsy has made it so that can do so with ease by using our lavishly styled Premium Full Size Warmers to activate the wonderful aromas of your favorite Scent Paks. Place them wherever you need a fresh touch of fashionability. With four collections to choose from, you can find a design that blends gorgeously with your current decor or stands out as an attention-grabbing conversation piece.

Hero Collection
What better way to show your pride for your own family’s hero in uniform than by making one of these Premium Full Size Warmers the centerpiece of your decor? Choose from handsome designs that honor firefighters or police officers to give your brave loved one the recognition they deserve.

Imperial Collection
Inspired by the greatest monarchs of legend, the Imperial Collection is a grand assortment of ornately designed warmers that will not only fill your home with elite fragrances, but exude a regal air that is fit for the mightiest of throne rooms. Choose between our Arthur, Victoria, and Charlemagne warmers for an instant touch of aristocratic refinement.

Individual Collection
Who says that your home decor has to look like all the rest? Add your own unique touches of individuality by using our eclectic and stylish warmers from the Individual collection. Whether you love sleek, contemporary designs, or whimsical, feminine fancies, you’ll find a warmer you adore.

Toscana Collection
La vita e bella! Celebrate just how beautiful the little moments of life are with these finely styled warmers. The Toscana Collection’s designs are full of warmth and grace, which make them perfect for releasing inviting and comforting fragrances all throughout your home. Cozy up with these three inspiring styles.

Gallery Collection

Light up your home with a brand new look of unique elegance by using our Scentsy Gallery Warmer and Gallery Frames. The warmers feature a reactive glaze finish, giving a handcrafted look, and a softly glowing panel that can be decorated with any of our Gallery Frames.


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