Introducing Newborn Nursery Scentsy

Scentsy Newborn Nursery

Nothing can take away your precious memories of the day your little one was born. The moment you felt that they were on their way, and the first time you looked upon their face after they just entered the world. Holding their little body in your arms, you knew that you were holding everything you lived for, right then and there. Whether you’ve just come home with your new bundle of joy, or many years have passed since their blessed arrival, you can enjoy the sweet essence of their first year by indulging in our Newborn Nursery fragrance.

Available in the form of various Scentsy products, Newborn Nursery can easily be used to create a welcoming atmosphere for your tiny tot, or for inspiring feelings of nostalgia when you’re missing the days of your children’s infancy. Your home will be immersed in the soft, powdery scent so familiar to mothers everywhere when you activate our Newborn NurseryScentsy Bar, release the fine mist of our Room Spray, carry our Scent Circle, or pamper yourself with our Layers personal care products.

Purchase individually or mix and match with our Combine and Save discount bundles.

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