Scentsy Burners

A Safe and Clean Alternative to Burning Fragrances

Scentsy is easy: just plug, add, and enjoy. It feels like you’re melting butter on a small dish, only, this butter is a special candle bar that exudes a pleasant scent as it melts in a warmer dish. It doesn’t take that long for burners from Scentsy to fill a room with the fragrance of vanilla or pink pepper.

Warmers, full-sized or the plug-in type, are safe and convenient alternatives to scented candles. With children at home, you’d play it safe to have this new kind of burner where you can ditch the match and wax candle and still benefit from the fragrance of melting wickless and flameless candles.

With a Scentsy candle, you reduce the risk of fire. All you need is a warmer dish and a couple of scented candle bars. These burners use a low 25-watt light bulb inside to slow-melt the wickless aroma-filled wax. Let the scent slowly fill the room, and settle your mind.

The device was developed as an alternative to candle burning in diffusing scents into the air. As the saying goes, “where there’s smoke, there’s fire,” and where there is fire, there’s a risk of setting a building ablaze. The U.S. Fire Administration reports that 42 percent of fires that get reported every day involve candles.

Light Bulbs

This flameless scent diffuser has all the hallmarks of an energy-efficient device. The bulb is available in 15, 20, and 25-watt variants, which are perfect for plug-in, midsize, and full-sized warmers, respectively. Bulbs powered by smaller than 15 watts may not produce enough heat to melt the candle in the burner dish. Nonetheless, 25 watts left burning for 24 hours is still only little energy spent, costing you only 15 cents.


With no wick to light it up, and thus, no flame involved in melting the scent bars, no smoke or residue is left. The light bulb will simply burn out when it has lived out its use. Indeed, candle warmers are a safer alternative for releasing scents into the air. You don’t have to worry about cleaning up or setting curtains on fire. You can get your own candle warmer and accessories from dealers who sell Scentsy products.