Introducing Luna Scentsy Scent

When you were just a girl, you had the most vivid of dreams. Just as you closed your eyes and began to drift off to sleep, you’d see an image of your open window, with a shining sprite calling you to follow. You’d rub your eyes in astonishment, and quickly set out for a night full of adventure. Your pixie guide showed you a whole new world amid the moonlit forest, one of magic and reverie only thought to exist in wive’s tales and lore. The fairies would dance beneath the stars until the morning light peeked over the horizon, and before you knew it, you’d be waking in your own bed.

Bring back the magic of these girlhood fancies by using our sparkling Scentsy Luna Scent products. Alluring white florals, including freesia, jasmine, and sweet pea, combine to create an essence of innocence. Juicy red berries add a playful element, while musky sandalwood makes the scent as mysterious as the fantasy. Make your home radiant with this girlish fragrance by using our luscious Luna Scentsy Bar, Room Spray, Scent Circle, and various Layers personal care products.

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