Introducing the Scentsy Warmers Gallery Collection

University of Michigan Gallery FrameShow your Wolverine pride with this beautifully rendered gallery frame and Scentsy Gallery Collection warmer. Decked in the proud school colors of yellow maize and azure blue, the translucent Michigan “M” is surrounded by stained glass-like patterns that look beautiful in your warmer’s light. Just click this panel into your warmer for instant school spirit!

Monarch Gallery Frame – Dark Brown (Frame Only)The king of the garden, the monarch butterfly makes a silhouetted appearance on this deep brown gallery frame, made to fit perfectly in your existing Gallery Collection Scentsy warmer. A gentle butterfly, paused in its majestic flight, hovers perpetually with gentle background illumination for an added touch of elegant whimsy.

Classic Brick Gallery Warmer (without frame)A warm, burnished red-brown hue ensures this lovely Gallery Collection warmer will fit in seamlessly – be it on your countertop, hall table, or even in the bathroom. A square of gentle illumination on the front of the warmer works to highlight the frames of your choice (sold separately) once they are magnetically connected.

University of Nebraska Gallery FrameShow your Huskers pride with this Nebraska U-themed gallery frame and Scentsy Gallery Collection warmer. Decorated in a “vintage stained glass” style, the cream and red Nebraska “N” appears in the center, along with a ribbon proudly naming the Huskers. A red block border with diamonds adds extra flair.

Classic Charcoal Gallery Warmer (without frame)What’s better than an attractive, well-designed Scentsy warmer? One that has a clever little decorating secret! This charcoal Gallery Collection warmer features a softly illuminated square on the front, to which frames (sold separately) can be attached magnetically to provide nearly endless combinations of looks. Combine your favorite frames and Scentsy fragrances for a truly personalized piece of functional home decor.

Wren Gallery Frame – Dark Brown (Frame Only)Cast in the deep, dignified brown hue of polished wood, this lovely gallery frame features a cheerful wren, perched on a branch and poised to break into song. This “cutout” style frame attaches magnetically to your Gallery Collection warmer, forming a lovely silhouette effect that’s perfect for your home’s decor.

University of Oklahoma Gallery FrameYour Sooner spirit will be easy for all to see when you magnetically attach this festive gallery frame into the Gallery Collection Scentsy warmer of your choice, which is included.. Made to resemble stained glass, this frame features the University of Oklahoma school colors of crimson and cream in a translucent design that looks beautifully illuminated when attached to a warmer.

Wren Gallery Frame – Silver (Frame Only)The cheerful morning song of the chipper wren is evoked in this beautiful Gallery frame, designed to be used in your compatible Scentsy warmer. Once your warmer is turned on, simply click this magnetic frame into place to enjoy it. This pretty silver snapshot of nature’s beauty will become beautifully silhouetted against your warmer’s lighted square.

Oklahoma State Gallery FrameGo Cowboys! Your Oklahoma State pride will be on display for all your guests to see when you click this magnetic gallery frame into the Gallery Scentsy warmer. Made to resemble a “stained glass” finish with a translucent design in orange and black, you’ll love the way this frame looks with gentle backlighting from your warmer.

Texas A&M Gallery FrameWhether you’re an alumni, sports fan or a proud parent, you can show off your Texas A&M affinity in style with this lovely “stained glass” look gallery frame. A translucent square, this frame uses the school colors of maroon and white along with the university’s insignia to spread school spirit in your home.  Includes the Gallery Scentsy Warmer  of your choice.

Ohio State University Gallery FrameYou love Ohio State and you love Scentsy fragrances, but there’s no home decor that allows you to enjoy supporting both at once – until now. This school spirit-infused gallery frame features the Ohio State University logo in the school colors of gray and scarlet, and it looks fabulous in the included Gallery Scentsy Collection warmer, too!

Paws Gallery Frame (Frame Only)It’s said that the dogs and cats we share our lives with leave their paw prints in our heart. Celebrate your affection for your favorite four-footed friend with this unique gallery frame, featuring a large silver paw print on top of an opaque background. To use, just click this frame onto your Gallery Collection warmer and enjoy!

University of North Carolina Gallery FrameCarolina blue and white make this Tarheel pride homage of a gallery frame truly a showpiece for UNC pride. Translucent to allow light to shine through, this frame connects magnetically to the front of the Gallery Collection Scentsy warmer, which is included,  to form a pleasantly fragrant, illuminated salute to the home of the legendary Tarheels.

Kansas State Gallery FrameWhether you love the roar of the crowd at the Bill Snyder stadium or call Kansas State U your alma mater, this well-designed gallery frame allows you to pay tribute to KSU each time you turn on your warmer. Translucent and made in the school colors of royal purple and white, this frame lets your school spirit shine, literally!

Twist Snapshot Gallery Frame (Frame Only)Your Scentsy experience is personalized through scent, and now with this unique gallery frame, you’ll enjoy even more ways to make it your own. This beautiful dark brown frame features a twisted border and a blank center for placing your favorite pictures, quotes and more on the front of your existing Gallery Collection warmer.

University of Florida Gallery FrameCombine your love for high-quality Scentsy fragrances with your passion for your favorite college with the University of Florida gallery frame. A translucent square bordered in the school colors of blue and orange, this frame attaches magnetically to your compatible warmer. The fierce Gators mascot appears in the center frame and the Gallery Warmer is included.

Rays Gallery Frame – Silver (Frame Only)This unique gallery frame offers a heavenly dose of beauty throughout the day. A lovely spiral-centered sun shimmers in a silver finish that catches the light during the daylight hours, while the silhouetted shapes of wavy rays delight after sunset. Make the most of your warmer’s illumination with this sunny accessory!

Louisiana State Gallery FrameWhether you’re an alumni or a proud LSU parent, you’re sure to roar with approval when you use this Tiger-emblazoned gallery frame in the Gallery Scentsy warmer of your choice. Made of a translucent material to “light up” when it’s attached to your warmer, this yellow and purple Louisiana State frame is the perfect testament to your school spirit.

University of Oregon Gallery FrameThis unique gallery frame, featuring the logo for the University of Oregon, is a fun way to show your University pride while enjoying your favorite Scentsy fragrances. Magnets inside the frame attach tothe included Gallery Scentsy warmer, and once clicked into place, the warmer’s light highlights this frame with a gorgeous yellow and green “stained glass” style effect.

Starry Night Gallery Frame (Frame Only)The gorgeous swirls of blue and yellow famously brought to life by Van Gogh’s brush can now add a warm glow to your favorite room with this gallery frame. Faithfully reproduced in a neat, translucent square, “The Starry Night” attaches to your Gallery Collection warmer and adds a distinctly elegant twist to its lighted front square.

University of Missouri Gallery FrameIn the classic school hues of black and yellow, this beautiful gallery frame celebrates the University of Missouri in style. With a design made to resemble vintage stained glass pieces, a roaring Tiger appears atop the Missouri “M” in the center, surrounded by a geometric border. Includes the Gallery Scentsy Warmer of your choice.  You’ll enjoy the fragrance and the glow of school spirit.

University of Kentucky Gallery FrameYou already love your Scentsy Gallery Collection warmer, so why not add some personality to ensure you love it even more? This translucent blue and white gallery frame is shaded in school colors to help you celebrate your favorite college, whether you’re a University of Kentucky alumni or the proud parent of a student. The Gallery Scentsy warmer of your choice is included

Cube Gunmetal Gallery Warmer (without frame)A beautiful piece made with softly rounded edges, muted gunmetal gray tones and appealing design, this Gallery Collection warmer will melt your heart along with your favorite Scentsy fragrances. A gently glowing square on the front is lovely by itself and makes an excellent backdrop for your favorite gallery frames (sold separately).

Blossoming Tree Gallery Frame (Frame Only)The warmth and beauty of your favorite Scentsy fragrances takes an elegant turn when you attach this Vincent Van Gogh masterpiece to your compatible warmer. A springtime tableau of a delicate flowering tree branches across a clear blue sky, rendered on a translucent material that allows your warmer’s light to shine through.

University of Alabama Gallery FrameWhen you combine this University of Alabama gallery frame with your existing warmer, you’ll be inspired to echo the famous alumni cry of “Go Tide!” each time you turn your warmer on. A stylized scarlet A appears on a cream background, paying tribute to the university’s colors in a “stained glass” effect that looks stunning.

Monarch Gallery Frame – Silver (Frame Only)The graceful flutter of butterfly wings in captured in fun, illustrated detail for this silhouette-style gallery frame. Designed to fit into your compatible Scentsy warmer, it offers a shining silver outline of everyone’s favorite “king” of butterflies – the Monarch. This frame makes an excellent gift for gardeners and butterfly enthusiasts alike!

University of Kansas Gallery FrameNow you can show your loyalty to your favorite college and sports team every time you fill your home with fragrance! This beautifully-designed gallery frame is translucent, celebrating the University of Kansas Jayhawks with a blue and crimson color scheme that lights up from behind when connected to your Gallery Collection warmer.  Gallery Warmer is included.
Classic Cream Gallery Warmer (without frame)The flexibility and customization of Scentsy is the key to its charm when it comes to home fragrance, so why should home decor be any different? This intelligently-designed warmer features a glowing square in the front panel and a hidden magnetic frame, allowing you to attach gallery frames (sold separately) to truly make it your own.

Cube Moss Gallery Warmer (without frame)Adorned with the peaceful colors of deep-forest moss, this polished Gallery Collection warmer is a work of art all by itself. A smooth satin finish gives this piece a zen-like quality, and the gently glowing square inset on the front panel is beautiful on its own or with the addition of your favorite gallery frame.

University of Texas Gallery FrameIt’s said that everything is bigger in Texas, and that includes school spirit! Click this University of Texas gallery frame into the compatible Scentsy warmer and enjoy the glow of the Longhorns’ icon each time you turn it on. Detailed in the school colors of burnt orange and white, it’s the perfect way to celebrate alumni or attendee pride in your home decor.  Gallery Scentsy warmer is included.

Texas Tech University Gallery FrameYour love for Texas Tech may stem from alumni pride or simply a love of the Red Raiders, but either way you can proudly display it with this gallery frame. Featuring the school colors of black and red, the see-through style lights up from behind when connected to the compatible Scentsy warmer.

University of Arkansas Gallery FrameA fierce, forward-bound Razorbacks mascot takes the spotlight on this University of Arkansas Scentsy gallery warmer and frame. Colored in cardinal red and white in a nod to the University’s colors, this translucent frame is a great way to combine school spirit and fun home decor – simply attach it to the compatible warmer.

West Virginia University Gallery FrameIf your blood runs blue and gold and you know that “Mountaineers” aren’t hikers, chances are you’ll love this University of West Virginia gallery frame. Designed with the University’s signature gold and blue WV logo, the frame is translucent to “light up” when connected to the Scentsy Gallery Collection warmer.

Cube Ebony Gallery Warmer (without frame)With a smooth, black lacquer-like finish, this ceramic Scentsy Gallery Collection warmer blends seamlessly with your existing decor, fitting in every room from the bathroom to the den. The neutral hue makes it ideal for showing off your favorite gallery frames, offering both form and function in one attractive package.

Rays Gallery Frame – Dark Brown (Frame Only)The joyful warmth of the sun is captured in this primal rendition gallery frame, featuring a silhouetted “spiral sun” on an openwork background. Deep brown tones add an earthy twist during the day, while connecting it to a Gallery Collection warmer at night will gently illuminate its shapes from behind.

Café Terrace Gallery Frame (Frame Only)A moonlit night. The warmth of a sidewalk cafe. This classic depiction of an evening’s coffee retreat has been timelessly captured by Van Gogh, and now in turn by Scentsy! This translucent gallery frame allows you to attach this popular masterpiece to your compatible warmer, backlighting it for a beautiful glow.

Copper Cosmo Gallery FrameBeam me up, Scentsy, with the Copper Cosmos Gallery Frame. Freeform metal quadrangles link together to create a sci-fi sensation for your Scentsy Gallery Warmer. Take your decor to another dimension in time and space with this abstract design, melding well with looks from classical to mid-century retro to today.

Pewter Pinwheel Gallery FrameSun or a burnished weather-vane? The Pewter Pinwheel Gallery Frame spreads fragrant joy amongst country or rustic decor or standing sentinel in the hallway outside a child’s room, a snapshot of the carnival or beach. Scentsy is at its best where it lets your imagination and memory set the scene.

Brass Blossom Gallery FrameFun and fanciful designs are a Scentsy signature, and the Brass Blossom Gallery Frame allows the beauty of a single perfect flower to shine brightly through leaves dappled with stray sunrays and sparkling dewdrops. Floating on a sweet stream of Scentsy, pluck this water lily for your warm weather pleasure.

Brilliance Scentsy Warmer FrameBold colors and a modern style make the Scentsy Brilliance Gallery Frame a truly showstopping addition to your favorite Gallery Collection warmer. Across the face, circles of polka-dotted and striped amethyst converge in the center, each feature cut-out rings that let the warmer’s illumination shine through when the frame is in place.

Tendrils Scentsy Warmer FrameA seed nestled in the heart of the earth reaches up into warm sunbeams in the Tendrils Scentsy Warmer Frame. Tiny, delicate tendrils curl in an upper corner, and the lower stem features three newborn leaves. The silhouette design is perfectly showcased by your warmer’s light, outlined in a slender frame.

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