What Are The Scentsy Replacement Parts?

While our innovative Warmers are built with sturdy, high quality materials, they are still susceptible to the damaging effects of power surges, bad wiring, and, of course, accidents such as drops and crashes. But there’s no need to fret when an electrical component of your beloved Scentsy Warmer breaks. You can easily replace the part with very little cost by purchasing the item from us. It’s best to keep them handy in your storage closet so that you’re prepared the moment something goes wrong.

25 Watt Light Bulb (Full Size Warmers)
When you bring home one of our Full Size or Premium Full Size Scentsy Warmers, you’re undoubtedly planning on using it for providing many hours of prismatic scent to your home. Keep a spare 25 Watt Light Bulb around just in case of a burn out.

15 Watt Light Bulb (Plug In Warmers)
Our Plug In Warmers are remarkably handy. Just plug them into the wall and they’ll save space while providing lustrous scent. Keep a 15 Watt Light Bulb in your closet so that in case of a burn out, you never have to be without use of your nifty little Plug In Warmer.

20 Watt Light Bulb (Mid Size Warmers)
While the conservative size of our Mid Size warmers is great, the best part about them is the fact that they use no flame. However, dependency on electricity means that parts like bulbs are at risk of burn outs. Always keep a spare handy just in case!

Plug In Replacement (Plug In Warmers)
If the outlet plug and base of your Plug In Warmer is ever damaged, you don’t have to buy a whole new Warmer. Just replace the part with our Plug In Replacement. Have one stashed in your closet so that you’re prepared should such a breakage ever occur.

Scentsy Warmer Top Dishes (Full and Mid Size Warmers)
If the top dish of your Scentsy warmer breaks, there is no need to throw the whole thing away.   You can order the top dishes seperately for a small cost.  Simply scroll through our dish options and find the one you need.

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