What Are The Best Scentsy Scents?

Many time’s I’m asked “What are your best Scentsy Scents?”  It’s a tough question to answer because I love so many!  It depends on each person, and their personal tastes. I have favorites in each and every catagory, and it also depends on the season and mood that I’m in.  Warming any of these scents in your Scentsy Warmer will create a long lasting and enjoyable scented experience.

Scentsy created a catagory called Scentsy Favorites, in order to showcase those scents that our most devoted customers consider the best scentsy scents.   It features a large selection, from all the catagories.  There are the scents that have been favorites from the beginning of Scentsy, such as; Black Raspberry Vanilla, Clean Breeze, Coconut Lemongrass and Perfectly Pomegrante.  Then, there are some seasonal scents that are always a favorite when they’re in season, such as; Beach, Newborn Nursery and Weathered Leather.   If you love a warm and welcoming scent in your home, you can choose Sugar Cookie, My Home, or Welcome Home.  If you like the engergizing scent of fruits and summertime, you will love Sunkissed Citrus, Skinny Dippin’ or Sweet Pea & Vanilla.  You really can’t go wrong with any of our best scentsy scents.

Scentsy is continuously adding the large selection of scented products to add enjoyment and value to our lives.  Within each of these scent collections, you’ll find all the Scentsy Products that we feature in that scent.

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