What Are Your Favorite Scentsy Scents?

This outstanding Scentsy Favorites Scents collection consists of 20 of our most popular aromas that will stimulate your senses and make you long for even more fresh Scentsy fragrance. Are you a person who enjoys the fruity and sweet? Then you’ll love  our Black Raspberry Vanilla, Skinny Dippin and Sunkissed Citrus Scentsy Bars. These energizing, unique aromas contain notes that are both stimulating and intriguing. Weathered Leather represents a charismatic man whose charm is second only to his effortless class, while White Tea & Cactus reminds you of a fresh, clean day at the spa.

You might want to try all of our Scentsy Favorite Scents, by combining in our Scentsy Discount Bundles.  The most cost effective way to purchase multiple bars, is in the buy 5 get 1 Scentsy 6 Pack.

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