Introducing Scentsy Welcome Home Scent

Some of the best moments of your life were had right at home. Opening piles of Christmas presents right next to the big fireplace when you were just a little tot. Coming home from school to the smell of your mom’s freshly baked snickerdoodle cookies. Closing your eyes for your first kiss on the steps of your front door. Now you’ve grown up and made a home of your own, but there’s still that feeling of truly belonging whenever you return to the house of your childhood. Warm hugs from your parents and the familiarity of every room brings back a feeling of nostalgia that is as sweet as the memories themselves.

You can have that feeling yet again whenever you long for it, just by using our Welcome Home Scentsy products. Each one is fragranced with the essence of warm baking spices and scrumptious cinnamon, recalling the irresistible aroma of all of your mother’s homemade treats. Use our Welcome Home Scentsy Bar and Room Spray to make your home laden with this comforting scent. Pamper yourself with that deliciously soothing feeling by trying our Layers personal care products. Our Scent Circle can even make any place you go feel as wonderful as home.

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