Introducing Scentsy Room Sprays

Autumn Sunset Room Spray

The cozy harvest scents of ripe red apples and creamy pumpkins dance with crisp fall leaves in this lovely seasonal room spray. Autumn Sunset is a fragrance that puts everything you love about fall in a bottle, swirled with just a kiss of rich spices for the ideal finishing touch.

Baked Apple Pie Room Spray

The herald of holiday feasts and family dinners, the humble apple pie has an enchanting fragrance that instantly welcomes friends and family home. Enjoy the smells of buttery crust, spices and crisp apples in this Baked Apple Pie Room Spray, formulated to linger and delight long after it’s sprayed in your favorite rooms.

Blueberry Cheesecake Room Spray

The Scentsy Blueberry Cheesecake Room Spray combines the rich, creamy scent of luscious New York cheesecake with a kiss of ripe, warm blueberries for an out-of-this-world treat for your nose. From the silky, taste-tempting fragrance of the filling to the smell of flaky graham crust, you won’t believe it’s not the real thing!

Beach Room Spray

Beach is blended with the scents of sweet papaya and ripe honeydew melon, all mixed with coconut milk for a fragrance cocktail you’ll wish was bottomless. Enjoy the fun of summer even after the bathing suits are packed away – this room scent instantly transports you to the memory of warm sand on your toes.

Black Raspberry Vanilla Room Spray

The velvet richness of ripe black raspberries is swirled with a touch of true vanilla fragrance for an unforgettable blend that might just become your new favorite. Not quite fruity and not quite spice, this premium combination is just the scent you’ve been searching for – perfect for giving your home that “je ne sais quois”.

Camu Camu Room Spray

The exotic camu camu fruit smells like fresh, wonderful tropical fruit, very similar to guava with citrus undertones. It’s mixed with the perky citrus scent of mandarin oranges and sweet passionfruit in this room spray – a truly dynamite island trio. One spray and you’ll be ready to order a mai-tai from your lounge chair!

Cozy Fireside Room Spray

This spray is the soothing scent of warm cup of ginger tea, stirred with a cinnamon stick and sipped beside a fire. Its spicy warmth will fill your senses and chase off the winter chills with every sniff. Use this beautiful medley during the holidays to fill your guests with good cheer!

Clean Breeze Room Spray

Have you ever wished for “clean” in a can? This fresh, bright fragrance might not be able to tackle the laundry for you, but it can fill your home with the scent of freshly-washed sheets and springtime flowers. If you want to freshen up a room before company arrives, Clean Breeze is the room spray for the job.

Coconut Lemongrass Room Spray

A warm, citrus-tropical pairing found in delights ranging from Thai cuisine to high-end perfumes, this room spray celebrates one of the best dynamic duos ever found in a kitchen. You can’t help but smile as soon as you smell sweet coconut milk mingled with bright lemongrass in a sweet island harmony.

Clove & Cinnamon Room Spray

There are few scents that instantly evoke a sense of warmth, cheer and comfort quite like those of cloves and cinnamon. Spicy yet sweet, this pair is found in everything from spiced ciders to scrumptious homemade gingerbread, making them the ideal “scent ambassadors” for your home, especially around the holidays.

Cinnamon Vanilla Room Spray

The spicy sweetness of cinnamon mingles with rich vanilla undertones, sweet coconut and warm cassia in this updated version of a classic. A combination that has graced baked goods, warm drinks and other tasty treats can now fragrance your home, welcoming your guests with a smell that’s bound to make them smile as they step inside.

Enchanted Mist Room Spray

Once upon a time, a princess wished for a room scent like no other – and her fairy godmother gave her this magical mix of ripe red apples, perfumed rose petals and beautiful night-blooming jasmine. Now you can experience the happily-ever-after for yourself in this fruity floral blend, made to delight without being cloying.

French Lavender Room Spray

The rolling hills of France’s Provence are home to some of the world’s most renowned lavender, and now you can bring them inside your own home with this relaxing scented, French Lavender Room Spray. There’s no need to cultivate fields of rich soil in your home – this herbal-scent-infused treat is like a deep breath of heady florals.

Honey Pear Cider Room Spray

A refreshing topaz brew that typically heralds a lazy autumn afternoon can now be found in fragrance form in this sweet, spice-filled room spray. A fresh, juicy bushel of pears, a thick undertone of honey and sprinkling of spices like ginger, clove and cinnamon make any house feel like a home.

Havana Cabana Room Spray

The land of brilliant sunshine, lounge chairs and sparkling azure pools is as close as a bottle with this fun, fruity mix of tropical fare – fit for an umbrella-decked glass. Plucked from the trees, lush golden pineapples and ripe bananas dance a tango with juicy oranges and berries in a scent you’ll adore.

Lucky in Love Room Spray

Love blooms from a unique combination of treasured events, which is why this beautifully complex blend of earthy bergamot, juicy peach, berries and mandarin orange is so aptly named. Refreshing yet alluring, the Lucky in Love Room Spray takes fragrance to the realm of romance with every spray.

Mochadoodle Room Spray

Blended coffee drinks – for some they’re an occasional treat, for others, a morning necessity. No matter which you may be, you can enjoy their intoxicating scent whenever you like with our Mochadoodle Room Spray featuring the scents of chocolate-covered roasted coffee beans, rich heavy cream and a ribbon of sugared caramel.

Ocean Room Spray

You can almost feel warm sand beneath your feet when you smell this beautiful Ocean Room Spray.  A blend of ocean breezes, cool freshwater streams and water lilies – a mix of aquatic treasures that give your home a relaxing, laid-back feel. It’s easy to spray your cares away as you imagine the whisper of the waves!

Scentsy Aussie Plum Room Spray

Sweet and tart with the richness of tropical vanilla, Aussie Plum Room Spray is a surprising and fruity home fragrance, a little zesty but with a smooth finish. Elegantly but happily homey, this unique air freshener leaves a naturally pleasant fragrance throughout your rooms, offering you a distinctive scent signature.

Scentsy By The Sea Room Spray

A powerful source of fresh and clean, Scentsy’s By the Sea Room Spray eliminates odors and leaves a lingering fragrance of salt water beaches and clear and bright breezes. Reinvent your indoor spaces with a spray of this product, opening your mind to the endless expanses of the cerulean sea.

Scentsy Lemon Verbena Room Spray

A lemon verbena plant emits intensely lemon fragrance when its leaves are gently caressed, and Scentsy Lemon Verbena Room Spray takes that deep and satisfying citrus scent from the garden into your living area. Lemon verbena spikes over the top fragrance when kaffir lime and lemon zest join the party.

Scentsy Nashi Nectar Room Spray

Like a bubbling fruit crisp browning in the oven, Scentsy Nashi Nectar Room Spray combines fresh from the orchard fruit with a splash of citrus to keep your mouth watering and your nose twitching. Rich yet light and clean, this fruity air freshener makes your whole house smell wonderfully welcoming.

Scentsy Pear Blossom Room Spray

Sweet and swinging fragrance notes are the draw of Scentsy Pear Blossom Room Spray, three distinct scent profiles combining to create one harmonious whole. Bopping berries keep the beat while crooning florals chime in, backup to the serenade of the star, Nashi Pear, mellow and melodious with a crisp finale.

Scentsy Pineapple Sorbet Room Spray

Turn your home into a beach-side cabana when you partake of the Scentsy Pineapple Sorbet Room Spray on a regular basis. Like golden rays of the sun the scent of this tropical treat touches every inch of your home, infusing all in a sweet, bright fragrance that simply says summer.

Scentsy Polynesean Dreams Room Spray

Travel to where gentle trade winds blow and the surf washes up on pure white beaches with Scentsy Polynesian Dreams Room Spray. A complex but balanced melange of honeyed melon and papaya with bright notes of kiwi and the smooth finish of tropical hibiscus, enjoy your sojourn in the islands.

Scentsy Tomato Vine Room Spray

The first juicy offerings from the garden carry an essential, botanical fragrance, clearing the mind and warming the soul. Scentsy Tomato Vine Room Spray brings the bounty from the backyard into your home, fresh, green and slightly spicy, like a cluster of just-picked heirloom tomatoes still clinging to the vine.

Scentsy Peony Petals Room Spray

Centered around robustly aromatic roses and perky sparks of peony, Scentsy Peony Petals Room Spray is not shy about enthusiastically embracing a thoroughly floral frame of mind. Saturate your surroundings with the seductive scents of this cosy cottage garden of fragrance, blooming freely to create the ultimate indoor flower bower.

Scentsy Atlas Cedar Room Spray

Looking for the real manly fragrances available from Scentsy? You are in luck as Scentsy Atlas Cedar Room Spray is a game changer, a base of cedar caressed with passionate patchouli, spiced with the heat of black pepper. Warm, welcoming and wonderful, add this masculine option to your Scentsy collection.

Scentsy Shaka Room Spray

Traditional men’s fragrances, smooth sandalwood, complex bergamot and sparkling lime, are remixed to create the uniquely male “Scentsy-sation” of Scentsy Shaka Room Spray. Classic vibe made fresh and new, Shaka adds a new Scentsy profile to the repertoire. Take this opportunity to dress your home in a whole new attitude.

Scentsy Simply Nashi Pear Room Spray

Juicy and luscious with a straightforward fruity fragrance, Scentsy Simply Nashi Pear Room Spray goes big so you can go home to enjoy its fresh and modern ambiance. A vivid, one note profile with a focus on sweetness and a crisp finish, unique yet comfortingly familiar at the same time.

Scentsy Rosemary Mint Room Spray

If you have a preference for clean, green fragrance profiles when freshening the atmosphere of your happy home, dive with abandon into the cool, crisp depths of Scentsy Rosemary Mint Room Spray. Surround yourself with a sun dappled glade of healthy herbal scents, centering your mood and clarifying your mind.

Scentsy Zen Garden Room Spray

Your home is your place of refuge, the sanctuary where you rest and relax in anticipation of another day surrounded with the ambiance of Scentsy Zen Garden Room Spray. A smooth and calming combination of sweet honeydew melon, fresh and floral freesia and ethereal water lotus, creates a meditative retreat.

Sugar Room Spray

Celebrate the yummy days of yesteryear with this one-of-a-kind blend that brings the summery sweetness of carnival treats to your home. Are you searching for a uniquely scented room spray? Our Sugar Room Spray is a lemon drop-tart, cotton candy-sweet unexpected twist of childhood candy shop dreams in a convenient mist for your home.

Sugared Blooms Room Spray Scentsy’s Sugared Blooms fragrance bar brings together the best of nature at dawn and sweetens it with a hint of sugar. Fresh morning dew, fragrant flowers and tart, juicy berries mingle at the heart of this beautiful blend, giving your senses a delightfully scented treat as it wafts from your warmer.

Scentsy Bamboo Yuzu Room Spray

Bamboo Yuzu Room Spray offers a spa-like ambiance with a spritz or two of this calming fragrance. Sage and bamboo create a cool green space where graceful lotus flowers thrive, the sweet fragrance of the flowers combining with the fresh green notes, topped with the citrus brightness of the yuzu.



Scentsy Bananas Room Spray

With the scent of a favorite childhood treat Bananas Room Spray from Scentsy sends bad moods and unpleasant odors running. This blend of mashed ripe bananas, smooth vanilla and creamy coconut milk completely nails the smell of banana taffy, a chewy confection sure to bring a smile to your face.

Blond Wood & Moonflower Room Spray

Spritz some Blond Wood and Moonflower Room Spray and prepare for beautiful things to happen. This is a glorious floral scent with light woody accents and an amber glow throughout. Pale moonflower, white roses and exotic lilies share their luminous fragrance, like a summer evening in a gazebo within a cottage garden in full bloom.


Scentsy Bonfire Beach Room Spray

Take a moment to enjoy a summertime treat with a touch of Bonfire Beach Room Spray by Scentsy. Close your eyes and taste the melted marshmallow, warming your toes at the sandalwood fire, leaning back on the rocks all aound as you hear the surf and feel the salty spray on your upturned face.

Scentsy Coconut Flower Room Spray

Arrange a bouquet of beautiful tropical blooms while sipping a luscious pineapple spiked coconut milk smoothie and you’ve created the Coconut Flower Room Spray ambiance brought to you by Scentsy. Sweet and slightly seductive, this air freshener spray will brighten your mood and chase away the clouds on a gloomy day.



Scentsy Coconut Cotton Room Spray

Get ready for a party at the beach with the Coconut Cotton Room Spray by Scentsy. Your favorite sundress, just off the line, warm and crisp, and a tropical drink in your hand, coconut milk and cirtrus punch, creamy and delicious, make this a day to savor. Walk across the weathered sandalwood boardwalk and indulge.

Scentsy Dark Harbor Room Spray

Intriguing blends of herbal notes, kaffir lime and amber make the Dark Harbor Room Spray something special. Very romantic and unashamedly seductive the fragrance pulls you deep into swirls of peppery mint with its hot yet cooling sensation, lush ocean lavender, and smooth amber, with the chic addition of kaffir lime as the waters settle.

Scentsy Fields of Gold Room Spray

Capture the feel of the perfect midsummer day with a push or two of the button atop the Fields of Gold Room Spray. Scentsy has gathered all the bounty of summer on a weathered orchard table: the first apples, damask plums and the tang of bergamot, the Mediterranean bitter orange. Topped with a touch of musky, minty patchouli.


Scentsy Fresh Cut Daisies Room Spray

The Fresh Cut Daisies Room Spray by Scentsy invites you to a picnic lunch among the wildflowers, fresh and green. Just mown grass and twining ivy combines with the unmistakable scent of sunny daisies, growing in drifts with purple clover, sweet and nectar filled, and delicate buttercups, begging you to see if you love creamy butter.

Scentsy My Only Sunshine Room Spray

Remember how special you felt when a loved one crooned the song to you and you will instantly bond with the allure of Scentsy My Only Sunshine Room Spray. Exotic tuberose and luxurious jasmine pair perfectly, supported by honey colored wood and embraced by smooth amber holding ancient sunlight in glowing suspension.

Scentsy Mystic Magnolia Room Spray

The harbinger of spring, Scentsy Mystic Magnolia Scentsy Bar celebrates the fragrant flower of the magnolia tree, snowy blooms showering petals and sharing a lemony fresh fragrance when the sun moves higher on the horizon. Fresh green leaves and sweet and spicy rosewood ground the scent with amber drops of light.

Poppy & Blush Suede Room Spray

Flirty and fun, Scentsy Poppy and Blush Suede Room Spray links the masculine with the feminine in a most irresistible way. Honeysuckle and plum blossoms join with the delicate poppy, inviting herbal verbena and subtle white musk to the festivities. All wrapped up in a velvety suede hug, this is an air freshener that pleases everyone.



Scentsy Sea, Sun & Fun Room Spray

Give in to the Scentsy Sea, Sun and Fun Room Spray. Both you and your friends and family deserve a trip to the beach and you can experience that sunny feeling between your daily tasks without ever leaving the home or office. A spritz of sweet orange, salty sea spray, and golden amber embraces lily petals. Spray, enjoy, repeat.


Scentsy Sedona Sunset Room Spray

In the shadows of the red cliffs a burst of fabulous fragrance blooms as the sun sets, distilled into the Scentsy Sedona Sunset Room Spray. Jasmine, desert lilies and vanilla orchids intertwine into a complex floral note as the desert cools, with a thirst quenching and soothing coconut milk chaser.


Scentsy Sunburst Blooms Room Spray

Bursting through winter’s hard crust, sturdy daffodils feature flared petals  and a clean scent that contrasts with the gentle yellow and sweet nectar of the honeysuckle in the Scentsy Sunburst Blooms Room Spray.Pink grapefruit and lemons add a zingy note to this unique take on a spring air freshener.


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