Scent & Spray The Room Scentsy With Scentsy Room Sprays

MP-6RS_2Popular Scentsy Room Sprays
Even after you’ve tried all of our many delectably fragranced Room Sprays, you’ll still always have a select few that are your favorites. Browse through this collection to discover our top fifteen Room Sprays, as chosen by you, our dedicated and passionate Scentsy customers!

Corner Café
Looking for an easy way to fragrance your home with the delicious aroma of your favorite pastries and warm, steamy brews? Our Corner Café collection of mouth-watering Room Sprays bring scrumptious notes of sweet caramels, deep chocolates, and rich coffees to any space.

Romance Collection
Turn any room in your home into the perfect setting for an intimate evening between you and that special someone with these sensual fragrances. Your senses will be caressed by flirtatious florals, soft musks, tempting fruits, and mouth-watering varieties of vanilla and amber.

Man Collection
Home fragrances don’t have to be feminine and floral to be wonderfully refreshing. Now you can give any space an exhilarating atmosphere that your man will approve of when you use any of these masculinely scented Room Sprays. He’ll love the thrilling notes of wood, herbs, and citrus that characterize this collection.

Seven Seas Collection
Bring the excitement of a trip around the world right into your home with this unforgettable collection of exotic Room Sprays. These tropical fragrances will call to mind the sun-kissed shores of destinations far away that beckon you to visit.

Spa Collection
Give your mind and senses the relief they need after one of those days with our soothing Spa Collection of Room Sprays. One spritz of these invigorating fragrances and you’ll be instantly calmed, revitalized, and free of stress and tension. Breathe easy with tranquil notes of mint, aqua, and vivifying herbs.

Spring and Summer Collection
Celebrate the brightest and most gleeful seasons of the year with our Spring and Summer Collection of Room Sprays. You’ll love the vibrant notes of playful florals, tantalizing fruits, and sweet, tropical elements that thrive in all of these scents.

Odor Out Scentsy Spray
Sometimes household odors can be quite stubborn. Whether you’ve had a mishap in the kitchen, have a laundry room that’s getting slightly “funky”, or some pesky pets that have decided to mark their territory around your home, our Odor Out Room Spray can dispel any unpleasant smells.

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