Scent Your Laundry With Scentsy Scents

MP3WW_3Now you can enjoy the supreme luxury of revelling in your favorite Scentsy fragrances even as you do laundry! No longer a boring chore, every load of clothing to wash will give you the opportunity to indulge in your most beloved aromatic experiences. Simply toss in a capful of our potently fragranced Washer Whiffs formula, and your clothes will come out of the washer smelling heavenly. In order to keep the resulting aroma purely Scentsy, we recommend using Washer Whiffs with unscented laundry detergent.

Coconut Lemongrass Scented Washer Whiffs
Now your laundry can smell as if it were washed in the cool, fragrant waters of a picturesque tropical oasis when you use our Coconut Lemongrass Washer Whiffs. Just toss a capful of this exoticly aromatic formula into your washer for clothes that come out lusciously scented. Sunny and bright, this scent is perfect for giving you an energy boost.

Quiver Scented Washer Whiffs
Bring all the joy of romance into your laundry room with our remarkable Quiver Washer Whiffs. After washing, your clothing will exude the rich, alluring aroma of sensual vanilla, tuberose, and sandalwood. Perfect for matching your wardrobe to your most beloved Scentsy perfume!

French Lavender Washer Whiffs
Imbue your clothing with the endlessly relaxing fragrance of pure French Lavender every time you do laundry by using our simple Washer Whiffs. This light, soothing aroma will cling to your clothes, making your wardrobe lush with calming scent.

Sunkissed Citrus Washer Whiffs
Prepare to be refreshed! When you open up your wardrobe after washing with our Sunkissed Citrus Washer Whiffs, you’ll be instantly boosted by its invigorating blend of sparkling oranges, grapefruits, limes, and shimmering lemon.

Vanilla Suede Washer Whiffs
A subtle and masculine scent.  When you open up your wardrobe after washing with our Vanilla Suede Washer Whiffs, you’ll be instantly boosted by its earthy blend of amber, decadent vanilla, exotic sandalwood and spice.

White Tea & Cactus  Washer Whiffs
Prepare to be invigorated and inspired!  When you open up your wardrobe after washing with our White Tea & Cactus  Washer Whiffs, you’ll feel like you’ve enjoyed a day at the spa.  Enjoy its invigorating  notes of dewy, fresh cactus and delicate flowers of white tea.

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