New Scentsy Warmers for Fall / Winter 2012

Castille Silhouette Scentsy Warmer Wrap
Make your guests feel like royalty when you greet them with a noble display of our new Castille Silhouette Warmer Wrap. They’ll revel in the decadent air of your now regal home, overcome with envy at the aristocratic style, and the wonderful warmth of medieval, glowing embers that smolder on your walls.

Chickadee Silhouette Scentsy Warmer Wrap
As the heat of the summer goes, so do the flocks of bright, chipper birds that made your days so delightful. Even though they’ve departed on their yearly migration, you can still enjoy their cheerful company every time you fragrance your home with our new Chickadee Silhouette Warmer Wrap.

Downtown Silhouette Scentsy Warmer Wrap
With a taste for the high life, you couldn’t resist taking up that hip new apartment in the big city. For you, being among the bright lights and bustling action is a passion that you can’t live without. Bring the liveliness of your beloved metropolis indoors with our sleek and modern Downtown Silhouette Warmer Wrap.

Baby Grand Piano Scentsy Warmer
There’s nothing more romantic than the tender notes that waft from the keys of an elegant grand piano. Celebrate the sweet allure of music and its power over our hearts with our new Baby Grand Full Size Scentsy Warmer.

Bandeau Scentsy Warmer
So much more than a home fragrancing device, our Bandeau Full Size Scentsy Warmer is designed with the same imaginative creativity that inspires some of the world’s most treasured surrealist paintings.

Champion Scentsy Warmer
Make a real difference in the world just by lighting up your favorite fragrance, with our Champion Full Size Warmer. When you purchase this inspiring new design, $8 of your proceeds go toward helping the Special Olympics Organization reach out to a new generation of athletes.

Nile Scentsy Warmer
When you light up our new Nile Full Size Warmer, you’ll be transported to the mysterious dunes of the alluring Egyptian desert. What ancient enchantments will you discover when you bring its enigmatic spirit into your home?

Riga Scentsy Warmer
Get on out of the bayous and enjoy the refined, antiquarian class of New Orlean’s old French Quarter. With an intricate art nouveau design inspired by the ornate galleries thatline its colonial buildings. Bringing the sweet southern elegance of the Vieux Carré has never been easier with our Riga Full Size Warmer.

EMT Scentsy Warmer
While other heroes may be rushing into the line of fire, ready to face danger of any sort, there are also the heroes who stick by other’s sides when all looks grim, saving lives and bringing loved ones home to their families. Celebrate the admirable duty of the EMT in your life with our new honorary warmer.

Corten Scentsy Warmer
You pride yourself on your home’s immaculate style. Alive with rich, warm color, yet thoroughly modern and sleek in it’s design, you love that you’ve been able to marry the concept of rustic comfort with contemporary sensibility. Now, Scentsy has a Full Size Warmer that was built to match.

Corinth Scentsy Warmer
Looking to add the grace of the ancient world to your home’s decor? With our antiquarian Corinth Full Size Warmer, you can bring the opulence of one of the Greek empire’s most thriving cities into your home. Known for its lustrous bronze, we’ve made Corinth’s Warmer take on the look of the metal after centuries of wear.

Palette Scentsy Warmer
Who would’ve known that brightening up your home could become so simple, yet so artsy? There’s no need to pull out your paint brushes just yet. With our colorful Palette Full Size Warmer, you’ll be able to adorn your home with its whimsically painterly design and our most vibrant fragrances.

Grigio Scentsy Warmer
Nothing can make an autumn evening any sweeter than a smooth, sparkling glass of Pinot Grigio wine. The perfect complement to any of fall’s confectionary feasts, there’s almost no occasion it’s sophistication is unsuitable for. The simple design of our Grigio warmer lets this class take center stage, with smooth lines and demure color.

Turret Scentsy Warmer
Calling all history buffs! Our new Turret Full Size Warmer has been designed to emulate the ancient castle structures of the ancient world’s mighty fortresses. Who knows how many legendary battles have been fought from their all-seeing steps? Carry the mystery of civilization’s rise into any room with this glistening Warmer.

Porta Scentsy Warmer
The fiery heart of Spain will fill your home with its passion when you bring our rustically elegant Porta Full Size Warmer into its rooms. The calligraphic swirls of its graceful design have been inspired by the swift, flowing movements of romantic Spanish dances.

Zingana Scentsy Warmer
You’ve got a wild side, and you’re not afraid to show it! Your entire home is already filled with bold design elements, but why don’t you take it up a notch with our primal Zingana Full Size Warmer? Its graphic, animalistic stripes are inspired by African zebrawood, making it perfect for adding a dash of daring style.

Anvil Scentsy Warmer
Now your man can enjoy the brisk, refreshing essence of his favorite Scentsy Fragrances while using a warmer that flaunts a bold, masculine design. He’ll be inspired by the rustic iron work that adorns the body of this metallic warmer, just like the powerful designs of ancient warrior’s armor.

Tilia Scentsy Warmer
When the wind’s whisper has carried away the last leaf off the tree, autumn’s rainbow has taken to the ground, and left a statuesque frame above. Delight in the pristine and simple beauty of nature with our graphic Tilia Mid Size Warmer.

Durango Scentsy Warmer
Straight from the rugged “land of cinema” this southwestern Mid Size Warmer is full of the heat of the badlands and the mystery of John Wayne’s favorite getaway. Festive in its Latin colors, Durango will brighten up any space with its spicy design.

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