Scentsy Quiver Washer Whiffs

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Scentsy Quiver Washer Whiffs added to your laundry, will imbue your wash with a spicy floral scent.

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Scentsy Quiver Washer Whiffs

For best results, Washer Whiffs should be used with scent-free laundry detergent to ensure the Scentsy fragrance of Washer Whiffs is not compromised. To achieve the layering effect, wear clothes washed with Layers By Scentsy Washer Whiffs after you have showered with Layers By Scentsy Shower Cream or Shower Gel. From there you can go on to use any of the other Scentsy Layers products to create a more complex layer scent. If you choose to use the same Scentsy fragrance on multiple layers, you will create a stronger scent with each layer. Your other option is to choose a different delicious scent for each Scentsy layer. Layers By Scentsy gives you the opportunity to create your own unique scent, however you like.

All Scentsy Layers products can be bought in money saving discount bundles.

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Quiver Scent