Introducing Scentsy Fragrance Foam

Who ever said that fighting germs couldn’t be a luxurious experience? Thanks to Scentsy’s line of remarkable Fragrance Foams, you can now kill off harmful germs in style with your most adored Scentsy aromas. Our handy Fragrance Foam’s formula consists of many antibacterial elements that have the strength to protect, but still remain gentle on your skin. In fact, because it is also enriched with nourishing ingredients, our Foams will leave your hands feeling softer and smoother after every use. The best part about these convenient products is the fact that they come in compact packaging, allowing you to carry them wherever you may need to guard against muck, grime, and other yuckily sinister microbes.

To give you some clever ideas on how to make the most of your Fragrance Foams, we’ve compiled a quick guide full of suggestions and our favorite uses for these powerful products.

First Aid for Kids

Every mother knows that if there’s one thing that’s nearly impossible in this world, that’s getting children excited about cleaning up! No matter how much you beg, plead, and even embarrass yourself by acting sillier than ever, they just won’t warm up to the thought of getting clean. This is especially true when they’ve got a ouchie that needs disinfecting. Thankfully, Scentsy’s incredibly fun Fragrance foams make all of these woes disappear. Available in a variety of playful scents that kids love, your kids will want to use them. They’ll love the feeling of the bubbly foam on their hands, and the bright, happy aromas will make the sting of a boo-boo much less scary. Keep a Fragrance Foam in your first aid kit or your child’s backpack so that they can have fun while keeping clean.

Luxurious Kitchen Cleanliness

Give your favorite Fragrance Foam a permanent spot on your countertop. It will act as the perfect assistant for keeping your hands clean and sterile while cooking and tidying up your kitchen. Better yet, the experience will become far less of a chore and much more of a luxurious treat with the splendid aroma that is released every time you pump a fresh burst of Foam. You’ll never have to worry about keeping your kitchen sanitary again when you make our Fragrance Foams a part of your cooking and cleaning routine.

Germ Prevention at the Office

If you’ve got a job in which you meet many people and shake lots of hands, you’ve probably already discovered that you’re more likely to catch a cold than most others. It’s no secret that physical contact is the easiest way to spread germs. But how can you guard yourself against bacteria without being rude and unwelcoming? Easily, when you keep a germ fighting Fragrance Foam in your desk drawer. Use it frequently throughout the workday to keep your hands free of bacteria. Ideal for professionals who have frequent meetings, or provide personal services such as counseling, consulting, or coaching.

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