Innovative Beginnings

While Scentsy’s roots are humble, in 2004, we came right out of the gate with a line of products that completely revolutionized the world of home fragrance. Still our most popular items, our wickless, flameless Scentsy Warmers and lushly fragranced Scentsy Barsburst onto the market as a safer, more stylish alternative to traditional candles.

Because they eliminate the need for any dangerous flames, our Warmers can provide you peace of mind when you use them to enhance your home’s atmosphere. There’s no more need to worry about remembering to blow out candles or keeping the flame away from children, pets, or flammable objects. All you have to do is plug in your decorative warmer and let its safely concealed electrical bulb heat the wax of the Scentsy Bars you place on the top dish.

Within moments the sweet smelling fragrance will be released, creating an inviting ambience all in your home will enjoy.

Our artistically designed warmers are also much more visually appealing than candles, allowing you to express your personal style while embellishing your home with this new form of attractive and functional decor.

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