Scentsy Warmers – Full-Size, Mid-Size & Plug-Ins

Premium Full Size Scentsy Warmers
Our Premium Full Size Warmers are the largest and most ornate in the collection. Not only are they a convenient tool for spreading luscious scent throughout your home, they also act as perfect centerpieces and decorative accents in any room.

Full Size Scentsy Warmers
If you love to fill your home with delicious scents all day long, our Full Size Warmer products are perfect for you. Their large size allows you to enjoy hours of intense fragrance bursts from your favorite Scentsy bars. Use them throughout the day to effortlessly make your home more inviting.

Silhouette Scentsy Warmers Collection
Our sultry Silhouette Scentsy Collection is by far the most artistically designed among the bunch. Their whirling shapes play with the warmer’s glowing light, creating a sensual and mysterious display of shadows upon the wall as you use them to fragrance your home.

Premium Mid Size Scentsy Warmers
You have a personality that deserves to be celebrated, and you can do just that with the unique designs of our Premium Mid Size Scentsy Warmer merchanidses. Use them to make a statement about who you are with their expressive styles and the wonderfully individualistic aromas they can release.

Mid Size Scentsy Warmers
If you’d love to bring the luxury of your favorite Scentsy fragrances right to your workspace, our Mid Size Scentsy Warmer products are perfect for you. They’re large enough to release loads of exhilarating fragrance, but small enough to be placed on desks or countertops without getting in the way.

Plug In Warmers
When you’ve got a cramped space that you’d love to bring Scentsy freshness to, our little Plug In Scentsy Warmer merchandises are here to help. Simply plug them into the nearest outlet, pop in a piece from your favorite Scentsy Bar, and enjoy bursts of dazzling fragrance within minutes.

Scentsy College Campus Collection
For students and alumni who want to show off their everlasting school spirit while filling their dorms or homes with irresistible scents, we’ve created our expansive Scentsy College Campus Collection. With over 75 schools represented, you’re sure to find Scentsy warmers that showcase your treasured Alma Mater.

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