Taking Scentsy on the Road

6 Travel TinsAs the holidays approach, many Scentsy fans are prepping to visit friends and family across the country and beyond. While it’s wonderful to see loved ones, the journey to them isn’t always pleasant from an olfactory standpoint! Crowded airplanes, musty hotel rooms and long road trips can leave your personal space smelling…well, let’s just say a little less than fresh. Thankfully, while Scentsy is fabulous for home fragrance solutions, it’s also a cinch to bring along on your trip. Here are some travel tips from your favorite fragrance source:

Miles of Smiles

If you’re planning a road trip, don’t leave home without your favorite Car Bars. Easy to loop around a rearview mirror or stick in a seatback pocket, it will keep your family vehicle a little more pleasant to occupy as the miles glide by. Stopping to stay in a hotel to rest up? Tuck a bottle of your favorite Room Spray in an easy-to-access pocket of your overnight bag to fight back against mustiness or mildew odors from aging hotel HVAC units. While you don’t necessarily want to leave your room with enough scent that the next occupants will notice, a spritz or two will make it feel a little more like home for the night.

High Flying Fragrance

Air travel can be incredibly stressful, so get your zen on with a little Scentsy soothing, courtesy of a Scentsy Travel Tin. There’s no liquid or flammable materials in a travel tin, which means you won’t have to worry about getting on the TSA’s naughty list. If your seatmate is chowing down on particularly smelly snacks or violates air etiquette by kicking off their shoes, just silently slide open your tin, take a sniff, and relax…without stinky shoes making your trip worse.

No matter where your destination may be this holiday season, don’t forget to bring Scentsy along for the ride!


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