Introducing Baby Scentsy Buddies

DesktopDo you wish that there was an easy way keep your baby’s surroundings and toys freshly scented at all times? Fortunately, Scentsy has answered the prayers of mothers everywhere by creating Scentsy Baby Buddies. These soft, plush pals are specially designed to combat bad odors while acting as a cuddly companion that your little ones will adore. Simply slide one of your favorite Scentsy Scent Paks into the pocket in the back of every Scentsy Baby Buddy. After that, these fuzzy friends will release wonderful aromas wherever they go, leaving your baby and their belongings smelling heavenly.

Baby Roarbert the Lion
You care about your little one, so why don’t you give him the protection of the King of the Jungle? Baby Roarbert the lion is soft and plush, making him the perfect guardian to snuggle up against. Add your favorite Scentsy Scent Pak in his pocket to help him release wonderful aroma.

Baby Lenny the Lamb
Baby Lenny the lamb will be your baby’s most heavenly scented sidekick. Let his cuddly wool soothe your baby as your favorite Scent Pak does its work. We recommend using the Newborn Nursery Scent Pak to help Lenny bring a light, fresh scent wherever he goes.

Baby Ollie the Elephant
Between his floppy ears, goofy nose, and ticklish tuft of hair, baby Ollie the elephant will be the most adorable friend that your baby can bring anywhere. Holding your favorite Scent Pak inside, Ollie releases gentle fragrance every time your baby gives him a snuggle.

Baby Penny the Pig
There’s no pal more pink or perky than baby Penny the pig! Your baby will fall in love with Penny’s bright pink nose and soft, velvety texture. With your favorite Scent Pak inside, Penny will surround your baby in a luscious aroma that will keep them smelling fresh and delightful all day long.

Baby Mollie the Monkey
When baby Mollie the Monkey isn’t climbing trees, she’s right by your baby’s side being the best friend she can be. Let your baby cuddle up to her plush fur whenever they want to show their love. Mollie will release the sweet aroma from your chosen Scent Pak inside.

Baby Patch the Dog
Baby Patch the dog is here to serve as your baby’s best friend for life. Give your little one the memories they’ll cherish of that favorite stuffed animal that was always by their side. Patch’s soft fur will release the aroma of your favorite Scent Pak every time he’s hugged and squeezed.

Baby Ribbert the Frog
Baby Ribbert the Frog may not be a prince, but he’s certainly an adorable sidekick! As your baby cuddles up to his smooth, velvety texture, Ribbert will release the light, gentle aroma of your favorite Scent Pak. Let your little one bring him everywhere to enjoy his companionship.

Baby Scratch the Cat
While Scratch may sound like a feisty name, this fuzzy feline is the purrfect friend for your baby. With the softest, smoothest fur, Scratch is just as cuddly as he is cute. Put your favorite Scent Pak in his pocket to help him release wonderful aroma everywhere he goes.

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