Is it Scensty, Scensy or Scentsy?

Hmmm….Is it Scensty, Scensy, Scentcy, Scenty, Sentsy, Centsy, Scentys or Scentsy?  The fantastic thing about the Scentsy business model is that it is largely spread through word of mouth. New customers come about by overhearing a new Scentsy Consultant discuss her bright new career, noticing the intriguing aroma wafting from one of our uniquely designed Scentsy Warmers while visiting a friend’s home, or even being invited to a Scentsy Party by a neighbor. Rather than depend on large-scale advertising, our company thrives on the enthusiasm that our current consultants and customers feel about our excellent products. The only problem with this is that because the Scentsy name is often heard at first, rather than seen, many people may not quite know how to spell it.

After doing some research, I found that when interested potential customers search online for the Scentsy brand, they often type in a misspelling of the name. It’s an honest mistake, and one that is more than understandable. There are many different misspellings I’ve seen, including:

Scensty, Scensy, Scentcy, Scenty, Sentsy, Centsy, Scentys

The sound of the Scentsy name may be a bit ambiguous to those who have only heard it. This is all the more true when one has yet to discover what the Scentsy brand is really all about. As a company focused on providing you with irresistible home and personal fragrances, we’re all about luscious scents. They’re our passion, our mission, and the inspiration for our company name.

To remember how to spell our name, just keep in mind that “Scent” is the focus. Add the adjective ending of “sy” for a perfect description of what kind of business we are: a “scentsy” business!

If you’re still learning about all that Scentsy has to offer, you’ll be delighted to learn that we currently have a wealth of products designed to imbue every aspect of your life with rich, captivating aromas that will enhance your day to day experience. Shopping our new Layers collection will allow you to find whole new methods for treating yourself to your favorite personal aroma, deepening it and mixing it with every product you use. Try ourScent Paks for a portable version of potpourri without the mess, our Room Sprays for quick bursts of freshness, or our original Scentsy Wickless Candles for long-lasting home fragrance.  There’s even more to discover, just browse my online Scentsy Store to find out more about Scensty, Scensy, Scentcy, Scenty, Sentsy, Centsy, Scentys or Scentsy!

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