Introducing Scentsy Mochadoodle Scent

Our Scentsy Mochadoodle Scent products will indulge you in notes of richly roasted coffee beans, sweet cocoa, heavy cream, scrumptious sugar, and buttery caramel.

Envelope your home with this strong and delicious scent by adding a few cubes of ourScentsy Bar, into your Scentsy Warmer.  Switch it on, and within minutes you’ll begin experiencing the aroma permeating your home or office.   If you need a quick burst of scent, try out our Mochadoodle Room Spray.  The are also great for bathrooms, and if you need a quick pick me up.  If you want to take your scent on the go, try out our Mochadoodle Scent Circle or Scent Pak.

You can purchase any of our Scentsy products individually, or you can save money by combining them in any of our Scentsy Discounted Bundles.   The Mochadoodle scenty scent has quickly become a favorite of many of my customers.

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