Discounted Scentsy Bundles

Get your Scentsy journey started off on the right foot by purchasing one of our incredible Combine & Save packages. Not only will these amazing kits give you all you need to get started with our products, their discount prices will enable you to save quite a bit of cash. These bundles are perfect for if you’re trying out Scentsy products for the first time, or if you’re looking to stock up on your long time favorite items. Our Combine & Save packages also make the ideal gift for someone who enjoys personal pampering, chic home style, and the luxury of fine fragrances.

Perfect Mid Size Scentsy
Can’t wait to begin bringing the thrill of your favorite Scentsy aromas to your work area or other small space, but don’t know where to start? We’ve made it easy for you, with our Perfect Mid Size Scentsy pack. You’ll receive two Mid Size warmers and six Scentsy bars of your choosing.

Perfect Mid Size Scentsy Premium
Love the uniqueness of our Mid Size premium warmers but can’t choose just one? Get two of our hand-painted, wonderfully individual warmers and you’ll also receive six of your personally preferred Scentsy Bars so that you can immediately experience the joy of their luscious aroma.

Perfect Full Size Scentsy Premium
If you want to go all out when it comes to filling your home with delicious scents and accenting it with fine decor, our Perfect Full Size Scentsy Premium pack is for you. You’ll get two lavishly styled warmers and six alluringly aromatic Scentsy Bars selected by you.

Layers by Scentsy Cost Saving Bundles
Our Layers collection allows you to explore the complex and exciting world of fragrance with a wide selection of innovative products. Try them all or just stock up on your favorite Shower Gels, Body Butters, Dryer Disks and more by purchasing one of our Layers Cost Saving Bundles.

Scent Sampler
For only $40, you can try out a variety of our most popular products that are perfect for use on the go. You’ll receive a handy Travel Tin, Scent Circle, Fragrance Foam, Room Spray, Scent Pak, and one of our fine Solid Perfumes when you opt for this great value deal.

Room Spray Pack
Now you can indulge in a different one of your favorite Scentsy fragrances for each room in your home when you buy this fantastic Room Spray Pack. For only $40, you’ll get to select six wonderful aromas, with one of them being completely free!

Scentsy Companion Premium
Now you can bring fragrance to areas in your home great and small with our amazing Scentsy Companion Premium pack. Not only will you receive one of our uniquely designed Premium Full Size warmers, you’ll also get a fun Plug In warmer and three Scentsy bars of your choosing.

Perfect Plug Ins
It doesn’t matter how cramped the space is, you can fill it with your favorite Scentsy fragrances in a matter of minutes with our handy Plug In warmers. With our Perfect Plug Ins pack, you’ll get two warmers and six packages of Scentsy Bars selected by you.

Perfect Full Size Scentsy
Want to bring the joy of full, luscious scent to more than one room in your home? Now you can, with our Perfect Full Size Scentsy pack. You’ll receive two of our stylish Full Size Warmers and six of your favorite deliciously aromatic Scentsy Bars.

Perfect Full Size Scentsy Combined
Don’t settle for less than the best! You can have your home adorned in lavish style when you opt for this luxurious Combine & Save pack. In it come one Premium Full Size Warmer, one normal Full Size Warmer, and six scrumptious Scentsy Bars selected by you personally.

Scentsy 6 Pack
Can’t get enough of the dazzling aromas found in our expansive collection of Scentsy Bars? We don’t blame you! We’ve created this Combine & Save pack so that you can enjoy six of your favorite Scentsy Bars while receiving one of them for free!

Scentsy Companion System
Our Scentsy Companion System is perfect for helping you bring the delight of our most dazzling fragrances to multiple rooms in your home, small and large. You’ll get one Full Size Scentsy Warmer, one Plug In Warmer, and three packages of your favorite Scentsy Bars.

Travel Tin Pack
Our Travel Tins are perfect for taking with you when you’re on the go, or even keeping in designated spaces to release constant refreshing fragrance. Get a Travel Tin for multiple areas with this Combine & Save pack of six sweetly scented Travel Tins.

Perfect Mid Size Scentsy Combined
Now you can experience the luxury of our ornately styled Premium and regular Mid Size warmers when you opt for this valuable Combined pack. You’ll receive one Premium Mid Size Warmer, one Mid Size Warmer, and six aromatic Scentsy Bars.

Plug In System
Bring the refreshment of your most beloved Scentsy fragrances to even the tightest, most cramped spaces when you buy our remarkable Plug In System. You’ll receive one Plug In Warmer and three divinely aromatic Scentsy Bars for only $34!

Mid Size System
Who would’ve thought that for under $40, you could have all you need to bring the finest of Scentsy fragrances to any room in your home? With this splendid Combine & Save pack, you’ll get one stylish Mid Size warmer and three gorgeously scented Scentsy Bars.

Full Size System
Make a personal style statement in any room when you opt for our wonderful Full Size System. You’ll receive one of our lavishly stylish Full Size Warmers, which make perfect centerpieces, and three of our most luxuriously fragranced Scentsy Bars.

Scentsy 3 Pack
Stock up on your favorite Scentsy Aromas by selecting our irresistible Scentsy 3 Pack. You’ll get three Scentsy Bars of your choosing while saving a dollar. At such a low price, you can indulge in our intensely luxurious home fragrances without any guilt whatsoever!

Scent Circle Pack
Our handy Scent Circles are perfect for bringing fresh fragrance to even the tiniest places. Now you can get one for everywhere you can think of at a discount price. Receive six Scent Circles for the price of five. They’re great for use in your car, locker, closets, and more!

Scentsy Bath Tablets 3-Pack
You love to treat yourself to a nightly bath, but upon the arrival of our new Layers Bath Tablets, you just couldn’t decide on one fragrance! Choose up to three of our most enticingly scented Bath Tablets in this convenient Cost-Saving Bundle. With such a valuable deal, how can you resist?

Scentsy Bath Tablets 6-Pack
If you are truly addicted to your luxurious bath time rituals, you’ll never want to be without our new Scentsy Bath Tablets. Stock up on your favorite aroma by opting for our 6-Pack Cost-Saving Bundle, or mix and match 6 of the various fragrances that hold your heart’s desire.

Scentsy Hand Soap 3-Pack
When you want to be certain that every sink in your home has a Scentsy aroma waiting at its edge, there’s no better way to prepare and save money than by purchasing our Hand Soap 3-Pack. This Cost-Saving Bundle will help you have lush fragrances at your disposal whenever it’s time to wash your hands.

Scentsy Hand Soap 6-Pack
As a loyal fan of Scentsy fragrances, it hardly surprised you when you discovered that you’d be looking for excuses to wash your hands with our deliciously scented Hand Soap. Now, you can stock up by purchasing our Hand Soap 6-Pack, ensuring that you’ll never run out of the sweet smelling cleanser you can’t do without!

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