Introducing Scentsy Travel Tins

Have you been racking your brain trying to figure out a way to bring your favorite Scentsy fragrances wherever you go without the fuss of messy sprays? Now, Scentsy has made it easier than ever to take along your most beloved aromas whenever you’re on the go with our revolutionary Travel Tins! Inside each Tin rests a potently fragranced gel that is activated by fresh air. Simply slide back the top of the tin to release its strong fragrance and fill any space with pure refreshment. Available in thirty different aromas, you’ll certainly be able to find a Travel Tin for every one of your unique preferences and moods.

We know that with this amazingly innovative product come a whole new set of opportunities. With a bit of creativity, it’s not hard to think of countless ways to put your new Travel Tins to good use. We’re happy to get you started with a few of our favorite tips and suggestions.

Beach Time Indulgence

Heading to the beach? Now you can enjoy your favorite tropical Scentsy fragrance even while you’re soaking up the sun by toting along your handy Travel Tin in your beach bag. Keeping it with your towels will allow for them to become loaded with the rich, paradisical scent of summer fun. We recommend using Travel Tins in scents like Rio Beach or Camu Camu for the perfectly aromatic sun bathing experience.

Keep It Baby Fresh

Wouldn’t you love to keep your diaper bag always smelling fresh and clean, even as it stores the sometimes unpleasantly scented messes our little ones create? Just pop a convenient Travel Tin right into your diaper bag and slide open the top. Within minutes, bad odors will be overtaken by the pure fragrance of your favorite Scentsy aromas. Try using scents such as Newborn Nursery or Clean Breeze for gentle refreshment that both you and your baby will adore.

Need Relaxation At Your Workstation?

Just because you’re hard at work doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy the pure bliss inspired by your most prized Scentsy aromas. Keep a neat and compact Travel Tin on your desktop to release long-lasting bursts of soothing fragrance. Your Travel Tin will prove to be intensely therapeutic during those stressful days when the clock is ticking and you’ve got a deadline to meet. Choose relaxing scents such as White Tea and Cactus or Ocean to instantly calm stressful feelings and ease any tension or worries.

Athletic Invigoration

If you’re into sports, you know how important it is to maintain your energy and keep up a positive attitude. You can make sure that you always feel lively and inspired before hitting the court, track, or field by storing an invigoratingly scented Travel Tin in your locker. Select our most exhilarating aromas, such as Thunderstorm or Echo to elevate your spirits and get you pumped. Travel Tins are also perfect for freshening the gymwear you store in your locker.

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