Introducing Scentsy White Tea & Cactus Scent

You’ve always approached life a little differently than others. While the rest of the world seems to busy itself with the 9-5 rush and anxiety over the smallest of things, you prefer to simply go with the flow. Rather than make a fuss over things that don’t go as planned, you embrace the ever changing ebb and flow of life and all of its aspects. This laid back attitude has given you a sense of calm and grace that reflects in your health and happiness.

Since you’re in tune with your body and mind, you know just what kind of nourishment you need. Give yourself nourishment of the soul by using our most serene fragrance yet: White Tea & Cactus. Its light, gentle aroma is composed of fresh green cactus juice, and the demure floral essence of white desert blossoms. This scent is clean, crisp, pure, and available in the form of numerous Scentsy products. Make your home a sanctuary of tranquility by using our Scentsy Bar and Room Spray. The White Tea & Cactus Scent Circle will allow you to take its soothing aroma wherever you desire, and our line of Layers by Scentsy products will make it your own personal scent.

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