Scentsy Bring Back My Bar 2015

Scentsy Bring Back My Bar 2015You voted and are now able to order some of your favorite Scentsy Bars that have previously been discontinued!  For January 2015 only, you can purchase these bars as part of our Scentsy Bring Back My Bar 2015 promotion .  Make sure you stock up, because you don’t know if they’ll ever come back!

They are $5 each or you can get our 12 pack bundle for only $45.  That’s a savings of $10!  If you would like to try 1 of each bar, then our Sampler Pack is the way to go.  You will get 1 of each of the BBMBs for only $85, which is is a savings of $15.

Here are the bars available in the January 2015 Scentsy Bring Back My Bar promotion:

Autumn Stroll Scentsy Bar – Peppery cinnamon mingled with leaves, plum and warm wood.

Banana Nut Bread Scentsy Bar – A delectable blend of nuts, bananas and spices.

Coffee Tree Scentsy Bar – Enjoy the scent of fresh brewed coffee anytime.

Cucumber Lime Scentsy Bar – Ripe and revitalizing limes and cucumbers.

Eggnog Scentsy Bar– Spices, nutmet, rum and cream.

Falling Leaves Scentsy Bar– The earthy fragrance of patchouli, cloves and cinnamon.

Grape Granita Scentsy Bar – Sweet scent of grapes, pineapple and  honeysuckle

Hemingway Scentsy Bar – The woodsy scent of cedar and sandalwood with the warm and spicy apples.

Lavender Vanilla Scentsy Bar– A soothing fragrance of lavendar, vanilla, orange and patchouli

My Home Scentsy Bar– Figs, marshmallows and violets create this warm scent.

Pima Cotton Scentsy Bar- The light and clean scent of lilies, fresia and jasmine.

Pomegranate Ice– Juicy and sweet pomegranates, berries and a hint of peppermint.

Root Beer Float Scentsy Bar– Root beer and vanilla ice cream.  Just like the real thing!

Rustic Lodge Scentsy Bar– An earthy combination of cedar, oak, musk and smoke.

Sandalwood and Cranberries Scentsy Bar– Enjoy the blend of sandalwood, sweet cranberries and a hit of spice.

Spiced Grapefruit – A perfect blend of citrus and spice.

Twilight Scentsy Bar– soft and sophisticated blend of florals

Watermelon Patch Scentsy Bar– The sweet smell of vine ripened watermelons.

Wild Berry Cherry Scentsy Bar– Remincient of old fashioned black cherry soda

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