Introducing Scentsy Hand Creams

Between gardening, washing dishes, doing laundry, and attending to all of the other household chores, your hands could certainly use a bit of pampering. Treat them to some much needed hydration therapy at the end of a long day by using our luxurious Layers Hand Creams. You’ll be left with soft, velvety hands that are irresistibly touchable, and your favorite Layers fragrance will be revived and intensified. These conveniently sized tubes are perfect for keeping in your bag or desk drawer for instant indulgence, anytime, anywhere. Choose from six of your most beloved Scentsy aromas.

Coconut Lemongrass Hand Cream
Whisk your hands away to an exotic bay of tropical delights with our skin-softening Coconut Lemongrass Hand Cream. Your hands will feel as smooth as the cool, crystalline waters of your own island retreat. Enjoy the sunny fragrance of citrusy lemongrass and sweet coconut milk.

Enchanted Mist Hand Cream
No princess would be caught dead without her hands feeling as soft as the blooms found in a fairy tale garden. Make sure your hands are velvety smooth with our richly scented Enchanted Mist Hand Cream. You’ll be charmed by its magical notes of sugared apple, sweet rose, and timid jasmine.

Love Story Hand Cream
A surefire way to a man’s heart is having perfectly touchable hands that he can’t resist holding. Guarantee that your hands are ready for romance by using our luscious Love Story Hand Cream. Scented with indulgent notes of dark chocolate, pink jasmine, and glowing amber, you’ll love indulging in this supremely sensual aromatic experience.

Luna Hand Cream
Celebrate your wild side while treating your hands to a richly hydrating experience with our indulgent Luna Hand Cream. Scented with exciting notes of sparkling berries, tantalizing sandalwood, and a medley of lovely white florals, this fragrance is as delicious as it is spirited.

Quiver Hand Cream
With whirling wisps of heady tuberose, charming vanilla flower, and sultry eastern sandalwood, this hypnotic fragrance will have you hooked. Use our lavishly scented Quiver hand cream to soften your hands and revive your favorite Layers scent whenever the mood strikes.

Sugar Cookie Hand Cream
Why should only your taste buds get to have all the fun when it comes to sweet treats? Indulge your hands and your senses with the heavenly aroma of freshly baked cookie dough, soft sugar, and warm vanilla with this scrumptiously scented hand cream.

Awakening Hand Cream
On those mornings when there is no time to spare and you must skip your usual pampering routine, the quickest way to gain a rush of energy is by using our Awakening Hand Cream. This velvety formula is fragranced with the lush scent of white peach, pineapple, amber, and warm vanilla.

Be Still Hand Cream
The clock is ticking, but you’ve got to keep pushing through. Give yourself an instantaneous meditative boost by caressing your hands with our softly Scented Be Still Hand Cream. You’ll regain peace of mind with its calming notes of mandarin, violet, and creamy sandalwood.

French Lavender Hand Cream
Put the finishing touch on your home spa experience by using our richly nourishing French Lavender Hand Cream to soothe your tired hands with its relaxing fragrance and wonderfully therapeutic formula of shea butter and aloe vera. You’ll love that this subtle floral clings to your skin all day long, bringing its tranquility along wherever you go.

Lucky in Love Hand Cream
When you want to try your luck and catch that special someone’s attention, you won’t need to take a gamble when you use our enticing Lucky in Love Hand Cream. Not only will he notice its sweet notes of mandarin, bergamot, and orange over a lush blend of peaches and berries, he’ll be longing to caress your silky, touchable hands!

Route 66 Hand Cream
You’ve got your eyes on the road, and your hands on the wheel, but after a long session of road tripping, you’ll need to give yourself a bit of rejuvenating therapy with our Route 66 Hand Cream. Enjoy the light, breezy scent of bursting citrus, wild herbs, and an earthy element of musk as you rub this thick, nourishing formula into your skin.

Skinny Dippin’ Hand Cream
The feel good mood of summertime memories can be had anytime, anywhere, when you carry our Skinny Dippin’ Hand Cream with you. You’ll relive the joy of childhood fun when you take in the cool, innocent aroma of dew-drizzled melons, tart apples, and playfully perky pears. The only thing more youthful than this fragrance will be the softness of your hands!

Sunkissed Citrus Hand Cream
Your hands bring so many good things your way, whether it’s the hand of a new friend you’re meeting, or even a scrumptious treat! Treat them to the refreshing therapy they deserve by using our Sunkissed Citrus Hand Cream. With energizing notes of lemons, limes, grapefruits, and oranges, this cheery scent will only bring more positivity your way.

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