Fall / Winter 2012 Scentsy Bars

Buckleberry Scentsy Bar
Summer has only just departed, leaving us with bounty of ripe, sun-sweetened fruits to share. Tart, juicy berries freshly picked from the bushes outside your door combine with the sweet, sugary delight of warm, buttery coffee cake batter to create your famous Buckleberry Pie.

Dulche Leche Scentsy Bar
When you’ve got a craving for decadence that you just can’t let go, try fragrancing your home with this endlessly indulgent new fragrance. A velvety custard that wafts with the aroma of sweet, golden caramel is made all the more mouth-watering by soft notes of vanilla and cream.

Frosted Ginger Cookie Scentsy Bar
Even if you’ve decorated the holiday tree just right, sung all of your carols, and even hung up your stockings, it just wouldn’t be Christmas without cookies for santa! Serve up the sweet confection that tempts the taste buds of all this time of year, with notes of spicy ginger, brown sugar, and creamy vanilla.

Iced Pine Scentsy Bar
Take a stroll through a glistening winter wood just after the first snow. Your senses will tingle with the chilly, shimmering breath of green fir needles and refreshing pine cones. A blizzard of peppermint shines through, making the scent cool yet sweet.

Apple Press Scentsy Bar
Just as the leaves begin to turn into their fiery bouquet of hues, you notice that the fruits of the nearby orchards are becoming temptingly ripe. Indulge in the rich scent of crisp apples and lusciously tender pears as they’re complemented by the lingering rosebuds of summer’s bloom.

French Toast Scentsy Bar
Who can resist rising out of bed when they have their favorite breakfast treat awaiting them? With the warm, golden scent of buttery egg batter, powdered sugar, and hearty maple syrup, you’ll have a hard time believing this mouth-watering aroma isn’t the real thing!

Ace Scentsy Bar
You chose your man because he’s truly unlike any other. Let him know how much his unique spirit means to you by expressing it through the power of scent. His excitingly romantic personality is celebrated in a masculine blend of tangerine, lavender, amber, and deep dark chocolate.

Zephyr Scentsy Bar
Ride the winds of refreshment when you light up this brisk and daring new fragrance. Invigorating with notes of french lavender, and resinous woods, this bold aroma is tempered by a rich, buttery element of masculine suede.

Garden of Love Scentsy Bar
Fill your home with the pure divinity of love in its purest form. You’ll be in your own world of romance when you experience the Eden-like fragrance of night-blooming magnolia, deep, earthy musk, and moss-laden green grass.

Sheer Innocence Scentsy Bar
Never let go of your light hearted spirit, no matter what life throws your way. You’ll be uplifted by bright, playful notes of lush orchid, flirtatious freesia, and soft, coy violet, all given a bit of frisky excitement with the warm spiciness of pink ginger.

Transcendence Scentsy Bar
Transcend your worries and all of your worldly barriers with this incredibly revitalizing, stress-relieving new fragrance. Inhale an uplifting blend of sweet peppermint, herbaceous eucalyptus, crisp green apple, and deep, verdant cypress and be instantly enlightened.

Dominica Scentsy Bar
Indulge in the warm comfort of one of early autumn’s sunny Sundays, when you can relax and unwind with deep notes of ripe purple plum, delicious nutmeg blended with confectionary cinnamon, and a hearty base of woody oak.

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