Introducing Scentsy Apple Press Scent

They say that fragrance has a way of triggering some of our deepest, oldest memories. Just a faint whiff of a sweet scent can bring back a whirlwind of recollections and emotions.   Your home can take on a welcoming scent all its own when you activate our Apple Press Scentsy Bar in your Scentsy Warmer. One or two pieces off the bar is all you need to release the sweet scent and infinite nostalgia. Try spritzing our Room Spray afterward to make the aroma linger for hours more.

Fill your home with the rich scent of our Apple Press Scentsy Bar, Room Spray, and Scent Pak. Our Apple Press Scentsy Room Spray and Scent Pak can also be used on the go, just like our Scent Circle.

Don’t forget about our money saving Scentsy Discount Bundles.  Many of our products come in a 6 pack, where you essentially buy 5 and get 1 free.

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