Your Scent On-the-Go with Scentsy Solid Perfumes

Scentsy-Personal-Care-Solid-PerfumeAs a woman of supreme class, we know that you prize pampering and primping while still maintaining a level of balance fit for the most elegant of ladies. Part of that feminine sophistication is knowing how to perfectly dose your personal fragrance so that you always leave others longing to be near you, but never overpower them with a too-strong scent. With our divinely aromatic Solid Perfumes, you can embellish yourself with a sweet, subtle layer of fragrance that will tempt the senses and always leave everyone longing for more.

Enchanted Mist Scentsy Solid Perfume
Every princess is a girl of not only magical beauty, but supreme refinement. You can show off your fairytale charms by using this Solid Perfume to shroud yourself in a captivating yet never overpowering air of tender jasmine blooms, sweet rose petals, and sugared apples.

Love Story Scentsy Solid Perfume
One of the most beautiful things about love is the privileged closeness that special someone gets to have in your most intimate moments. Fragrance yourself with a perfume only they’ll be lucky enough to the full splendor of with notes of dark chocolate, pink jasmine, and amber that stay close to your skin.

My Wish Scentsy Solid Perfume
Who can resist the pure romance of your favorite flowers and desserts? This perfume combines it all, with sweet notes of toasted marshmallow, sugared fig, and elegant violet. Rub on your wrists and neck for a light yet sensual scent that’s perfect for an intimate evening.

Satin Sheets Scentsy Solid Perfume
You’re a girl who knows what she wants out of life: Pure luxury. Indulge in your desires with this wonderfully exotic and sophisticated Solid Perfume. You’ll swoon over the sensual notes of rich, steamy sandalwood and smooth, lavish vanilla. We know you’d never settle for any less than an opulent fragrance experience.

Simply Irresistible Scentsy Solid Perfume
Return to the freedom of the wild woods, at least in spirit, when you use this wonderfully invigorating Solid Perfume. Verdant notes of bright green moss, rustic woods, and invigorating lavender will inspire you, while glowing amber gives the scent a touch of forest magic.

Quiver Scentsy Solid Perfume
You’ll be tingling with excitement when you use this wonderfully tempting fragrance for a big date. Laced with luscious notes of sultry tuberose, coy vanilla flower, and intriguing sandalwood, that special someone won’t be able to resist getting closer to you and your captivating scent.

Midnight Fig Solid Perfume
You have a preference for the finer things in life, including the most exotic and sophisticated scents. This warm, sultry fragrance rests upon a base of decadent fig, with middle notes consisting of a complex blend of musky woods. A bright glow of golden berries at the top make this scent supremely alluring.

RU N2 Me Solid Perfume
The most unpredictable fragrance in our line of Solid Perfumes, RU N2 Me is a bright, flirtatious scent characterized by vibrant notes of warm pink pepper, lip-puckering cassis, and a unique blend of modern woods. Undeniably contemporary, this aroma is fit for a true trendsetter.

Awakening Solid Perfume
Give yourself the energy you need throughout the day by imbuing your skin with the lush, long lasting aroma of our Awakening Solid Perfume. Its surprising blend of harmonious white peach, pineapple, amber, and vanilla make it an indulgent yet uplifting scent full of positivity and light.

Be Still Solid Perfume
You’re a girl who loves to walk the path of life one step at a time. Why burden your mind with worry when you can focus on present joys? Our Be Still Solid Perfume will embody your zen philosophy and help you find your center, with tranquil notes of eastern mandarin, soft violet, and subtle sandalwood.

French Lavender Solid Perfume
As a woman who prizes the refinement of understated elegance, you’ll fall in love with our effortlessly chic French Lavender Solid Perfume. This light and graceful floral is feminine yet invigorating, and never overpowering, making it perfect for the days you want to channel the poised beauty of dames like Audrey Hepburn, the icon of simple loveliness.

Lucky in Love Solid Perfume
After seeing the new cutie on your arm, your friends can’t stop delighting over how lucky you are. Indulge in the rush of winning at the game of love with this romantically exciting new fragrance. Our Lucky in Love Solid Perfume is glowing with vibrant notes of intense citruses, and a sweet base of peaches and berries.

Route 66 Scentsy Solid Perfume
Take the freedom of the open road with you wherever you go by using our invigorating Route 66 Solid Perfume. A rolling breeze of fresh citrus, wild herbs, and earthy musk will bring out the thirst for adventure in your thrill-seeking heart.

Skinny Dippin’ Scentsy Solid Perfume
You’ve always been known as the playful one, the one who never grew up, and is proud not to have! Keep your youthful spirit alive with a cheerful medley of sparkling melons, pears, and juicy green apples. You’ll love the vibrancy of this endlessly light-hearted Solid Perfume.

Sunkissed Citrus Scentsy Solid Perfume
Capture the sun’s warm, bursting rays upon your skin with our new, refreshingly scented Sunkissed Citrus Solid Perfume. Alive with zesty notes of citrus zing, you’ll be energized by a revitalizing blend of oranges, grapefruits, limes, and shimmering lemons.

Vanilla Suede Scentsy Solid Perfume
Finally, you can indulge in a rich, personal fragrance that is as alluringly complex as you are. You’ll love our fascinating new Vanilla Suede Solid Perfume, with its decadent base of smooth, traditional vanilla, intensified with a worldly blend of eastern sandalwood, resinous amber, and caravan spices.

White Tea & Cactus Scentsy Solid Perfume
You’re a low-maintenance girl with few demands, all you really want is a fragrance that is just as beautifully simple as your understated style. With the lightly green, floral notes of our White Tea & Cactus Solid Perfume, you’ll be smelling clean and pristine all day long.

Zeppelin Scentsy Solid Perfume
When one has a personality as thrilling as yours, they need to ensure their personal fragrance matches its intensity. Your thirst for excitement is captured in our intensely exhilarating Zeppelin Solid Perfume. You’ll be soaring high with zesty notes of citrus, sage, vetiver, and airy sandalwood.

Coconut Lemongrass Scentsy Solid Perfume
Make the warm, welcoming spirit of the tropics all your own with our brightly scented Coconut Lemongrass Solid Perfume. A cool splash of coconut milk tempers the citrusy zest of lemongrass, making this aroma as bright and friendly as the island sun.


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