Scentsy Gallery Collection

FRAMMSLV_monarch_silver_0The stately design of our Scentsy Gallery Collection Warmercomes to you in a reactive glaze finish, in your choice of charcoal or cream, further adding to the elegant individuality of its look. No two Warmers are the same, and you’ll appreciate the subtle detail of their handcrafted aesthetic. A transparent panel lies at the center front, filtering the radiance of the light within the Warmer. Use with any of our Gallery Frames for a custom design.

Monarch Gallery Frame
The butterfly represents so many things: love, nature, rebirth, and even our very souls. Embrace all of these beautiful meanings by using our new Monarch Gallery Frame, which comes in lovely finishes of either silver or dark brown.

Rays Gallery Frame
Celebrate the sun’s return for the warmer months by using our new Rays Gallery Frame. Clip it onto the front of our Gallery Warmer to let a radiant glow shine through the whimsical shape of a spinning sun.

Wren Gallery Frame
What could be more charming than the sight of a sweet mother bird guarding her springtime nest? Such a scene is captured on our new Wren Gallery Frame, which can be placed upon the luminous magnetic panel of your Gallery Warmer to add a heartwarming touch to your home decor.

Bass Gallery Frame Dad knows there’s nothing more relaxing than sitting on the riverside, waiting for the fishing line to jump with a big catch. Give him this relaxation even while at home by pairing our Bass Gallery Frame with our Gallery Warmer as the perfect Father’s Day gift.

Bike Gallery FrameWhat better way for Dad to spend Father’s Day than by feeling the highway wind against his face and a motorcycle engine roaring beneath his hands. Top off the day by presenting him with our Bike Gallery Frame and our matching Gallery Warmer.

Birdie Gallery FrameA sunny Father’s Day spent out on the green couldn’t be any more perfect. After he’s done T’ing up, give your father a gift he’ll use every day: Our Birdie Gallery Frame combined with our matching Gallery Scentsy Warmer.

Buck Gallery FrameWhile Dad waits for autumn’s hunting season, he can still enjoy the serenity of tracking a prize buck through the forest by using our new Buck Gallery Frame with our matching Gallery Warmer and some of our best outdoor scents.

Buckaroo Gallery Frame Dedicate this Father’s Day to celebrating his love for the old west. Turn on one of John Wayne’s classics, and light up our Weathered Leather Scentsy Bar in our Gallery Warmer, embellished with our new Buckaroo Gallery Frame.

French Lavender Scent Circle

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