Baseball Scentsy Warmers

To the true fan baseball is more than a game, it is a passion that begins when you first hear the crack of the bat and the satisfying thwack of a well-thrown ball into a glove. Real fans know batting averages and earned run averages by heart and live and die with the fortunes of their team.
Superstitions, rally caps, the seventh inning stretch are shared by all teams but with a different twist for each, lovingly perpetuated by generations of fans. The National Pastime is a way of live for baseball supporters.
Here’s to all the Major League Baseball fans out there!  We are proud to announce our new Baseball Collection of Scentsy Warmers!
Beginning on April 1, 2015, you can purchase a warmer to represent your favorite team.  We will be adding more teams in the future but for the inaugural season here are the teams in the spotlight:

Boston Red Sox Scentsy Warmer

The Red Sox Nation will revere the Boston Red Sox Warmer, ready to fill with a little Scentsy magic when the Green Monster rears its head and the familiar rhythm of baseball again begins in the sport’s oldest ballpark, 100 years old and counting on making baseball history in the coming season.

Chicago Cubs Scentsy Warmer

Wrigley Field with its ivy, win flag and Harry Carey inspired seventh inning stretch is the place to be in Chicago on game day, but the Chicago Cubs Scentsy Warmer will bring that traditional baseball feeling to your home or office if you have to miss Opening Day with the Cubbies.

New York Yankees Scentsy Warmer

The perfect gift for a fan of Yanks, the New York Yankees Scentsy Warmer honors the winningest team in baseball, owners of 27 World Series Championships and counting. The image of a Yankees hat, all that is needed for that Bronx ambiance is some pinstripes and a competitive bar of Scentsy.

LA Dodgers Scentsy Warmer

The Los Angeles Dodgers Scentsy Warmer is the latest icon for fans of the National League contenders, sharing a storied history of the team that journeyed from the Atlantic to the Pacific coast of the US, retaining a persistent passion for the game and nurturing fans who bleed Dodger Blue.

St. Louis Cardinals Scentsy Warmer

If funny Fredbird is the mascot you, or your kids, adored during visits to Busch Stadium then you need to pick up the St. Louis Cardinals Scentsy Warmer, a most unique way to decorate your home, including perfuming the air with a favorite Scentsy cube snuck under the top of this Red Bird hat.

Toronto Blue Jays Scentsy Warmer

Perky and paired with the red maple leaf that is the symbol of Canada, the Toronto Blue Jays Scentsy Warmer features an intrepid Jay on the crown, the symbol of the ball players of the Rogers Centre, ready for the starting pitch and a heaping handful of Scentsy cubes to take you to the ballgame, in spirit anyway.

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