Scentsy “Burners” Or “Warmers”?

Have you been dying to find out what the famous Scentsy “Burners” are all about? If so, you’ve come to the right place! You may have heard your friends raving about how this fun, stylish product has completely changed the way they freshen up their homes. Now it’s time to learn just how much these Burners can do for you.

Here at The Scent Girl, we carry an ever-expanding inventory of hundreds of Scentsy Burners. However, it’s important to note that Scentsy Burners are not really Burners at all, but actually called “Scentsy Warmers”. This is because our products do not burn scented wax at all, unlike traditional candles. Instead, our Scentsy Warmers simply warm up the wax of your Scentsy Bars to a temperature that is high enough to activate the fragrance without being harmful in any way.

The toxic chemicals that are normally released when flames melt wax is not a worry. You can rest assured that the only thing you and your family are breathing in is pure air freshened by wonderful Scentsy aromas. The wax in your Scentsy Warmer won’t mysteriously disappear either: when it’s all used up, you’ll be left with odorless wax that is easily wiped out.  You can then add another cube of your Scentsy Bars.

Another great safety feature of our Scentsy Warmers is the fact that they are not fire hazards, and will not cause harm if you, a child, or a pet accidentally touches the warmed wax inside. Our Warmers heat up the wax to a temperature that is safe for all. Without a flame, there isn’t danger of furniture, tapestries, etc. catching fire. Thanks to all of these safeguards the Scentsy Warmer design naturally gives, you can breathe easy should you happen to leave your Warmer unattended.

Now that you’ve learned how our Scentsy Warmers work, take a moment to browse through our online shop and pick out the ones that match your unique style. Check back every month, for we routinely feature a special new “Warmer of the Month”, along with a new “Scent of the Month” that can be combined to create the perfect pairing.

I also have Scentsy Discounted Bundles to save you money when you’re buying multiple products.

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