Introducing Scentsy Body Spray

While all of the products in our incredible Layers collection are designed to blanket your skin with long-lasting fragrance, you may wish to intensify it anytime you wish to experience another burst of your favorite scent. With our wonderfully convenient Body Sprays, you can revive your personal aroma whenever you desire simply by veiling yourself in their magically fragrant mist. You’ll be surrounded by a cloud of sparkling notes carefully chosen by our master perfume makers, making you radiate with scents so irresistible, you’re certain to gain many new admirers!

Coconut Lemongrass Body Spray
Refresh yourself with the soothing tropical fragrance of our Coconut Lemongrass Body Spray. Glowing with warm, citrusy notes of verdant lemongrass and creamy coconut, this paradisical fragrance will leave you feeling instantly relaxed and in the mood for some beach lounging!

Enchanted Mist Body Spray
Surround yourself with your very own Enchanted Mist with this captivatingly fragranced body spray. You’ll be shrouded in a glistening veil of aroma as notes of sugared apple, tender rose, and whispering jasmine sparkle in the air. Use it to revive your personal fragrance throughout the day.

Love Story Body Spray
When you’re in the mood for love, you can indulge in your romantic daydreams all with a quick spritz of our lusciously scented Love Story Body Spray. You’ll be caressed by sensual notes of deep dark chocolate, feminine pink jasmine, and mysteriously sultry amber.

Luna Body Spray
Let your spirit dance anytime you feel the urge with this wonderfully whimsical Body Spray. Its bright, flirtatious fragrance will leave you feeling playful and inspired. Indulge in vibrant notes of juicy berries, alluring sandalwood, and a charming bouquet of white florals.

Quiver Body Spray
When you spritz yourself with our irresistible Quiver Body Spray, you’ll be shivering with the excitement its wondrous aroma brings to your senses. Be swept away by captivating notes of sweet vanilla, sultry tuberose, and deeply intriguing sandalwood. You’ll have others swooning when they get a whiff of your sultry scent.

Sugar Cookie Body Spray
Now you can indulge in your favorite simple cookie guilt-free, anytime you want, with our delicious Sugar Cookie Body Spray. You’ll love the mouth-watering aroma of freshly-baked cookie dough combined with sweet sprinkles of sugar and warm, comforting vanilla. This scrumptious scent will more than satisfy your insatiable sweet tooth!

Route 66 Body Spray
Refresh yourself with the free-spirited essence of a highway drive by spritzing our thrillingly scented Route 66 Body Spray whenever you need a bit of inspiration. Upon experiencing the exhilarating notes of citrus, herbs, and airy musk, you’ll be ready for a day full of adventure.

RU N2 Me Body Spray
Hurry! When your special someone suddenly appears, you want to be sure that you’re the center of their attention. Intrigue their senses with the modernly romantic fragrance of our new RU N2 Me Body Spray. They’ll be drawn to its notes of mysterious woods, flirtatious cassis, and mischievously flirty pink pepper.

Satin Sheets Body Spray
A glamorous woman like you just can’t go without the luxury of a personal fragrance that is just as decadent as her tastes. Indulge in your need for unfading opulence by intensifying your Layers scent with our Satin Sheets Body Spray. You’ll be ravished by sultry notes of exotic sandalwood and caressing vanilla.

Simply Irresistible Body Spray
Give yourself the inspiration of a light, forest breeze by using our invigorating Simply Irresistible Body Spray. This rejuvenating mist is fresh and green, with a herbaceous yet feminine floral note of lavender grounded by a woody blend of verdant moss, earthy musk, and resinous amber.

Skinny Dippin’ Body Spray
Bringing the cheerful innocence of your childhood is easy as a simple spritz when you use our new Skinny Dippin’ Body Spray. Its youthful mixture of sweet melons skips along a trail of fresh green apples and playful pears that lead you right down memory lane.

Sunkissed Citrus Body Spray
Give your skin a kiss of radiance with the bright, effervescent mist that is contained inside our Sunkissed Citrus Body Spray. One spritz will release the citrusy glow of sparkling lemons, limes, and grapefruits over a tangy base of sweet, energizing orange.

Vanilla Suede Body Spray
As someone who enjoys all things rich, you want to be sure that your personal fragrance is not only decadent in its essence, but strong in its presence. Keep your scent full and lush all day long by misting yourself with our Vanilla Suede Body Spray. Its luxurious blend of classic vanilla with golden amber, deep sandalwood, and rare spices will keep you immersed in indulgent aroma.

White Tea & Cactus Body Spray
Who knew that the essence of an arid desert could be so refreshingly hydrating? You’ll be revitalized by a light splash of green fragrance when you use our White Tea & Cactus Body Spray. One small spritz of this cool, breezy aroma will envelop you in a tranquil veil of cactus juice and subtle florals.

Zeppelin Body Spray
Imbue the air around you with the bright, gust feeling of a flight among the clouds by misting yourself with our exhilarating Zeppelin Body Spray. Using this atmospheric dew will turn your built-up Layers fragrance into one that is airy yet strong, with its crisp notes of sage, sandalwood, vetiver, and citrus.

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