A Wonderful Winter with Scentsy

Starlings Lampshade Scentsy WarmerOnce you enjoy the beautiful fragrances of Scentsy, it’s easy to get so excited about finding favorite bars, exploring new additions to the scent catalog and even experimenting with mixes that you forget how beautiful your warmer is. Scentsy warmers aren’t just a way to get every delightful drop of scent out of your bars, they also offer lighting that relaxes you after a long day, guides the way down dark hallways at night, and so much more

Spectacular Silhouettes

Take the Starlings Lampshade Scentsy Warmer, for example. While a simple outline would have been stunning, Scentsy takes it a step further by working some 3D-like effects in, and centering them around the inner bulb to mimic the feel of a winter sunrise. A perfect snapshot of a frosty morning, it’s a great way to experience winter’s beauty from the comfort of your own kitchen. (If you need a little pick-me-up on those frosty mornings, try popping a cube of Mochadoodle Scentsy Bar in your warmer!)

Subtle Illumination

So what about those areas where you don’t necessarily want to make your warmer a centerpiece? Pieces like the Blue Diamond Shade Warmer blend in as small, classically-styled lamps, particularly in cozy living rooms or dens. Buy a pair to light up your hearth, or simply tuck one on a side table; they’ll give you the perfect opportunity to enjoy your Scentsy fragrances without needing to place them front-and-center in your decor. Have a lot of friends over? Keep your heavy-traffic rooms smelling great at the same time by pairing these illuminating warmers with a bit of a Clean Breeze Scentsy Bar.

Multi-tasking is a must in every other room – kitchens, bathrooms, bedroom closets – so let Scentsy make your home fragrance just as easy to use. Not only will you love the dual functionality of light and fragrance, you’ll love all the choices you have to change it up at a whim!

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