The Scent Girl: We Sell Exquisite Scentsy Scents and Products

The Scent Girl offers a complete collection of Scentsy products, including the brand’s best personal fragrances, stylish Warmers, and the famous Scentsy Bars. Fragrances have a way of connecting with people on the deepest of levels, and the Scentsy Brand was founded with this in mind. It now offers you a wide range of products and aromas, all of which can be found here at The Scent Girl.

Wick Free Since 2004

Scentsy began back in 2004, and after the debut of their innovative Scentsy Warmers and Scentsy Bars, the market for home fragrances was forever changed. More and more satisfied clients wanted to sell Scentsy as well, because these revolutionary products wowed customers with their stylish look, lovely fragrances, and complete safety. The unique designs of our Scentsy Warmers are even more gorgeous than traditional candles, and the wax of the Scentsy Bars is toxin free, yet lush with long lasting aromas. It’s amazing how many people don’t realize that when a candle burns its wax, it releases unhealthy chemicals into the air.

Without the danger of a flame or worry of burnt up chemicals, many customers found Scentsy Products to be an ideal alternative to traditional candles. Scentsy Warmers can be left unattended without causing fire hazards or risk of harm to pets and children. These products will give you a feeling of reassurance while you enjoy the refreshment of beautiful aromas in your home or workplace.

Even More Unbeatable Scentsy Products

We have a passion for creating new ways for you to enjoy our delicious aromas, which is why we continuously develop new products and scents. All of our products are designed with the goal of enhancing the atmosphere that surrounds you, whether you’re at home, on the go, with your children, or giving yourself a bit of personal pampering.

Our other products include:

Look for our Featured Products every month to discover more Scentsy products that you’ll adore. We use this opportunity to introduce and sell new Scentsy items that have just been released, or suggest products that we find perfectly fitting for the season or holidays of the particular month. Just check out our website at the beginning of each month to stay up to date.

To learn more about the delightful world of Scentsy, or to inquire about becoming a Scentsy consultant yourself, fill out our online contact form. We will respond to you as quickly as possible, doing our best to answer all of your questions.

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