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Scentsy Sunburst Blooms Room Spray


Stand at attention and salute the return of spring with the Sunburst Blooms Room Spray by Scentsy, available today.

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Bursting through winter’s hard crust, sturdy daffodils feature flared petals and a clean scent that contrasts with the gentle yellow and sweet nectar of the honeysuckle in the Scentsy Sunburst Blooms Room Spray.Pink grapefruit and lemons add a zingy note to this unique take on a spring air freshener.

If spring has a color it is brilliant yellow like the daffodils that form the heart of the Sunburst Blooms Room Spray from Scentsy. These golden guardians of the garden have a certain flair and their fresh and clean scent harmonizes beautifully with the sweetness of the honeysuckle. The floral notes are given a sunny boost by tart lemon and tangy grapefruit, a lovely melange of colors and scents ranging from rosy to barely there with neon bright in between. Like the varying hues of the rising sun these fragrances offer a nuanced burst of aromas, a floral and lemony air freshener with a style of its own.