Tucker the Tiger Scentsy Buddy


Snag this majestic feline buddy while you can! Tucker the Tiger Scentsy Buddy is a limited edition furry friend that’s filled with stripes, love and a secret pocket for your Scentsy scent pak.

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Your kids will roar with approval when they give Tucker the Tiger Scentsy Buddy a squeeze. This limited edition Scentsy friend is super soft, from his fun striped body to his super soft chenille-like arms. A hidden pocket holds their favorite Scentsy scent pak, offering a delightful burst of scent every time they give Tucker a hug.

To borrow a phrase from another famous tiger, Tucker the Tiger Scentsy Buddy is grrrreat! This fursome-not-fearsome friend is perfect for hugging, snuggling and keeping those pesky monsters under the bed at bay. In addition to his trademark stripes and a majestic white tuft on his chest, Tucker’s arms are made of ribbed chenille-like fabric for an extra-soft feel. Tuck your favorite Scentsy scent pak into his hidden pocket for a burst of scent with every squeeze!